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Ponei presents...

___________________________________________T H E
__________________H A U N T E D
__________________M A N S I O N

Author: K. Anderson
Engine: RPG Maker 2003
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Puzzle
Version: 0.5
Started: 07/28/2012
Finished: ?

This is my second project, but I oficially consider this like my first RPG Maker game. I solve to do a horror game because I'm really admirer of this genre. Basically my game is based in many other elements, like: games (''IB'', ''Ao Oni'', ''5 Days - A Stranger''); movies (''The Grudge'', ''The Ring'' some animations of David Firth and Lee Hardcastle); and in tales like creepypasta.

After several failed attempts of trying to document something paranormal, the TV show'' Ghostbusters'', is on the verge of the bankruptcy. Alex and Ricardo (friends and co-workers) decided to answer a call from a lawyer who said that witnessed ''demons'' on Alencar's Mansion, and then begins the so long-awaited chance and in the same time their worst nightmare...

- Alex Klischê (protagonist): is cameraman and very loyal to Ricardo.
- Ricardo Novaes: is a tv show presenter, and a very ambicious guy.

To enhance the gameplay experience: play at night, with lights out, headsets and alone!
Ps¹: If you follow all these rules, go to the bathroom before you start to play.
Ps²: Playstation 2! XD

_____________''CHALLENGE ACCEPTED MODE ON!!!''

Click here!!!
You don't need to have RTP, you don't need to install. Just download it and PLAY!

***Soon a NEW DEMO will be released...
- The menu and the inventory will be ALL IN ENGLISH!
- Ricardo will not block you.
- I'll change some pictures of the game.

Stay tuned!


''This game is not recommended for photosensitive people and/or with heart problems.
Any type of damage occurred, will not result in the responsibility of the author.''

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Pages: 1
The monster is supposed to follow you forever after you see him for the first time or is that a bug?

So far it's pretty entertaining, I like these kind of games. :)
No, it's not a bug!
And it's very easy to make him stop, you`ll see.

See ya!

Ok, I'm stuck. How are you supposed to get rid of the walking Teddy Bear that wants to kill you? Is the answer somehow related to the piece of paper filled with holes? I don't get it's use.
Okay I just joined just to ask this so I'd really appreciate it if you responded. I'm at the point where I found the monster the second time and I can't get him to quit following me. I've tried going in every single other room and he just keeps following me. Is this a glitch or what?

To escape from the monster, you have to go to the guest room (the bloody door).



No, it's not a glitch, bug, or anything...
At the attic, you'll see some marbles on the table, when the monster appears, go to the left side of the table, and drop the marble balls, and then wait the monster step on them!!!

oomg thank you but how do you exorcise the ghost in front of the painting though I can't figure it out ):
sorry for all questions

Wait, and when she got distracted admiring the painting, EXORCISE HER!

After that, interact with the painting, and see the reason why she was looking too much for it...

Feel free to ask anything that you want.
I'll try to answer as soon as possible!

Well, I made it to the demo ending, it's an interesting game so far, keep up the good work. (:

Btw, in the beggining when your friend follows you and you cant turn back withouth talking to him, this may cause some problems for someone, idk. i.e When you're stuck in a corner and need to go back but can't because of him. You keep going back to the same place if you ask him to let you pass, and can only manage to go on if you press the directional fast enough.
Thanks for the help. Doing what you are supposed to do is not always easy to figure out, though; in particular...
I am stuck again when Ricardo goes insane and plays being the doctor with a chainsaw. I can slightly move right and left to struggle, or I may open the inventory, but I don't get what I should do to survive. It is a shame, since after the fifth time the atmosphere of that scene is completely ruined.:(

BTW:an english translation of the main menu and the inventory would be really appreciated. I actually discovered the existance of the latter only when trying to solve the paper-with-holes enigma.
I'll fix this problem, and thanks for playing!

Soon, a new demo will be released, it'll be all in english (including menu and inventory).


You have to move right and left to escape from the rope, DO IT THE FASTER AS YOU CAN!
I'm stuck at that part where the ghost is in the front of the painting, i know that you already answered that question but when i try to sneak up behind her to exorcise her i get killed.. so how do i do to exorcise her, exactly?

I love this game so far, so i hope you can help me? :)
is there a full game coming someday? O3O I almost cried when I saw to be continued in the game.. :<
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