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Ever wanted to become a Knight or a Black Mage? Come to Adventure Academy, where you'll train to become the Hero you've always wanted to be.

-Manage Eric and Natalie's schedules in their growth from grasshoppers to heroes - in the best raising-simulator fashion!
-Meet friendly townsfolk and spend two years in the village - with the funniest random events ever!
-See how the village changes with the seasons and the villagers change their schedules!
-Raise your stats to become a skillful fighter or a wondrous mage by doing jobs or going to classes!
-Enjoy the village's festivals and try to win all of them!
-Explore a couple of perilous dungeons and discover the secret of the village!
-Experience the nostalgia of old-school RPGs and laugh out loud with the eccentric humor of the game!

Thanks to Yanfly, Victor and Yami for their wonderful scripts.

Updated bug-free version available!!!

Latest Blog

Expanding upon the game

So yeah, I've been thinking about how to expand on the game, as I really want to round up the experience, and extend it for maybe an hour.

I'd like to know how the game feels, and how people feel about it. Play experience? What's fun? What's annoying? What would you like me to add?

Thanks for the comments people!
Gamer Seb.


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I couldn't download the game, why?
I've played the v.4 and IT WAS FUN! good job! I enjoyed every minute of my 3-4 hours.
I'm a bit confused by the job change system for Natalie. I've gotten her to level 8, and it rejected me over and over again! Am i doing something wrong?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
just download it then lol...
that aside the game!
lots of comedy and interesting dialog
was irritated about what happen's if you don't class change forcing the player to to something rather then give them a actual choice i was disappointed hopefully that does not happen again(after this 1st class change)
slimes appear in the desert area of the forest theirs nothing wrong with this except that the background is that of the forest and not the desert in battle
none of the stair cases in the church work except the one to leave it
need a item that's equip-able that stops random battles form happening
have someone sell it for alot of money if you have to
battles are fun a and all but not when you just want to get somewhere
earth ruby does not appear in key items
bad city mapping
in the area with the forest on the left and the pond top left going up
all of a sudden theirs a stone path and no pond :D
this just looks bad lol
the festival thing where you choose story telling or ????
story telling did not work i picked the girl to do it and it just showed the room with the people
their was no dialog and i could not control my character
i could only open the menu
mrs cat lol...
well i could not class change and thus lost interest
as it is now id advise skipping this game
it may be fun for a bit but you will probably feel trolled when it happens :(

Oh! I'm so sorry for the RTP / no RTP confusion! I'll check it up when I get home today!
Thanks guys.
Anyways... with technical difficulties aside...

you might wanna know, the no rtp verson and the blank (assumed to be rtp verson) are both actually the no rtp verson, might wanna upload a actual rtp one :P

Yea, I was pretty pumped to play until I found out I needed the RTP but I don't have RPGMakerVXAce (and obviously the RTP) so I was little dissapointed

Sorry, I'm having technical difficulties at this time, excuse me...
you might wanna know, the no rtp verson and the blank (assumed to be rtp verson) are both actually the no rtp verson, might wanna upload a actual rtp one :P
Not sure if bug or not, but in the flashback I can't seem to trigger anything. I've been in every room multiple times and just don't know what to do....
Haha thanks DoggyBuddie! Not expanding this game right now, but we've been working in a browser puzzle game: Way to the Promised Land. You can try it out here:
I love the game!GREATjob! Are you working in another game?
What has happened, wildwes? The download doesn't seem broken. Which version did you download?
Download did not work. Oh well...
Looks cool... Download? Yes.
On the downloads page, you have two downloads. One says No RTP while the other doesn't, but both require it. You should probably fix the name to avoid confusion.

When controlling Mrs. Cat, many NPCs react as if you were there with Eric and Natalie. Also, after saving and loading in the chapel (I wanted to make sure I talked to everyone before accidentally finishing the quest) and talking to the old man the game crashed. When instead leaving and reentering, the cutscene replays but the first old man blocks the path of the newly generated one, so the cut-scene never ends.

During the cooking competition, when I got second place I was told that I was both low and stats and had made mistakes during the questions, but it was only low stats that caused me to lose. I brute forced the possibilities afterwords just to make sure my knowledge of cooking wasn't wrong, and every combination would tell me I had made some mistakes.

When I had a character do the same work twice in one month, I received a single low boost to that stat. I suppose it is possible I rolled minimum gain both times, but I'm guessing it was a waste of time. Even if it is working properly, modifying the message to let us know we are getting double growth would be nice.

After you get the Earth Ruby, returning to butterfly!error gives the same message wondering where she is as before. Combined with the Earth Ruby not showing up under Key Items, this left me worrying that it had glitched. Changing the message to indicate that you need to end the adventure to restore her would be nice.

The first demon guy at the palace, you can't win (at least in the flashback sequence). In the ending, you obviously can :D
I was able to beat him, you just need to heal proactively since the demon will always get his turn (twice) between your decision and the actual heal. However, afterwords there was no way to continue the game. You should probably just make the cut-scene unfold the same as if you had lost. Ignoring the actual results of the battle is understandable for such a major event, and the battle rewards (boosted me from level 20 all the way to level 32) should still make anyone who wins feel their effort was worthwhile.

EDIT: Also, in the ice-cave, the snowball monsters could be blocked by your party caterpillar. That seemed really weird.
EDIT2: Reading wolfhoundv's comment reminded that I had the same problem simply visiting the prince during a normal explore in the fall - the grass regrew outside and the trees got their leaves back. Disabling the visits for the entire season doesn't sound like a good idea, so you may have figure out what is actually causing the problem.
The gem is in the forest to the left I believe. If you go to the middle very top, click on the walls.
Were you people able to find the Earth Ruby to save Error?
I just found it by total accident. Yay me!
where is the gem its in a chest or floor, does the switch change things?
Is this project still being worked on? I hope so. I want MORE!
I have gone through the two dungeons and the flashback sequence. The characters already promoted the first time, Eric into a Warrior and Natalie into a Mage, and they currently meet the requirements for Spellblade and White Mage respectively. I don't recall any particular event having happened immediately before I encountered this bug.
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