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The Unwelcome Guest is a horror point-and-click game.

You find yourself out of gas on a dark back road in the middle of the night. You remember seeing a rather opulent looking house just a little ways back. It looked a little...abondoned, but maybe not. Maybe the owner has some gas to sell you?

Or maybe not. It seems that the house has no one...living...there. You find yourself an unwelcome guest in a strange mansion. Make your way through an old and seemingly abandoned mansion, exploring rooms and keeping an eye out for items that may be useful later on. You must be creative and resourceful to discover the mansions secrets. If you fail, then perhaps you will find yourself greeting the next unwelcome guest here...

All graphics and sound are original, and the game's movement and world engine are all custom built. It uses Sphere, and will be compatible with a future release of TurboSphere.

Unless it says 'any key', the only controls are mouse movement, left click, and mouse scroll. Mouse scroll wheel switches which action left click will perform (arrow for use or take, magnifying glass for examine, strange circle and angle for 'use with item'), and when the cursor is inside the item list it scrolls the item menu. You need to move the cursor out of the item list to change actions.

You can perform all actions on items in your inventory that you can on items in the room, including using an inventory item on another inventory item.

You also need a real mouse with a scroll wheel or scroll rocker to play (trackpads probably won't work. Mine doesn't).
Stuck? try the walkthrough. It also points out where the story related items are. Thank you, Martin Ari.

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It's finished...ish. I'll probably add more later. There are a few things I had planned that didn't make it (All Hallows deadline and all that).

But it's pretty much done. Fairly short, but moderately challenging. I actually think it may be harder to find all the ways to die (there are 2 right now) than to finish the game.
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  • 10/23/2012 01:29 AM
  • 02/07/2019 12:52 PM
  • 11/03/2012
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Have you played a game called "Uninvited" for the Amiga? This reminds me a lot of that, even your title is similar. Have a look into it if you can, it might give you some ideas.
Yes, I'm drawing quite a bit of my inspiration from Uninvited (and yes, on Amiga). That might have even influenced my choice of titles. I'm also drawing from Scratches, which bears a striking resemblance to Uninvited...like a lot.
I wonder how many ways I'm going to get killed in this game. Kinda guilty of being a thrillseeker. ;p
I absolutely loved Uninvited, Deja Vu, and Shadowgate. This looks a lot like them. I will eat this game up, crap it out, and eat it again. Look forward to seeing more. Keep it up.
Have you ever played Scratches? If you're familiar with Uninvited, it's very similar (but much newer). It even features a backyard with a church, a crypt, and a greenhouse--just like Uninvited. Actually, playing it was what made me want to make this.
Umm... how do you deselect items?
Use the mouse scroll wheel while not over the item list.

You're not the first person to ask me that...
I got a bug: Script error in Jest_Game.js line 358
Type error: game item has no properties

It happens when I click on the couch in the Commons.
I'm beginning to hate that couch...it seems it has all the bugs.

Edit: Ah, have you downloaded the new version, 1.1? It's only been up for a couple hours. That was one of the things I (hopefully) fixed in it.

I am sure that the game is beatable as it is. But I can't discount the chance (hopefully a very small one...) that certain actions that aren't essential can cause engine aborts.
Alright v1.1 seems to work fine.
I'm unsure if I got the true ending though, and if there is more to it.
There's only one ending that doesn't explicitly say your dead with text in a themed window over a black screen. If you got to the basement, you won. It's just not a very happy ending, is it?

The question mark is because I just may want to add a little something to the very end later.
A walkthrough would be great for all of we dummies out there. >.<;
Alright, a walkthrough would be a good idea! I'll write one up and post a link.

OK, I guess I don't need to write one myself. Thank you, Martin Ari.
Hey great stuff, I loved the story. I hadn't played Uninvited or actually anything really in this ilk so it was a bit of an adjustment. I mean, not a bad adjustment or anything. It was tricky though. A bit Lovecrafty here and there methinks. Good stuff. Sorry it took me so long to play it.
Keep up the good work.
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