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Submission to the All Hallows Event~!

The neighborhoods have been overrun by monsters! MONSTERS! Like, real monsters, not costumed kids. The parents are just so oblivious they don't notice it at all. It is now up to you, and the other children, to defeat all the monsters terrorizing the neighborhoods.
But how?
The monsters are weak to candy! There are many candies given to the children, and each candy has it's own effect to the monsters. Now, go and save the neighborhood, and wield the power of candy! For HALLOWEEN!

This is a short VXAce game made almost entirely with RTP and some fancy scripts. Estimated playtime of around 15 minutes, and probably some fun in the first 5 which will get boring after the first 5. Anyway. Have fun. It's like, 12 mb anyway.

The game came with the DS Sprites and Faces that are exclusive to VX Ace preorders, and thus was encrypted. However, if you would like to see what is inside the game, you can download this file! (It is missing graphic files for the charactersets and faces, but everything else is in it.)

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  • 10/29/2012 03:18 PM
  • 11/05/2018 12:49 PM
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Nifty project. I like the artwork.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
*Giggle* The idea of fighting monsters with candy reminds me of Problem Sleuth. I'm definitely going to grab this treat.
solos collectors on purpose
I can't play this for some reason. After the naming screen, the game crashes and says
Tear Harvester Rhyme
:< I can't seem to reproduce that error (with the downloaded file!) does any other player get that error?
This was a really cool game, and an interesting concept. Here's my CC:
- I saw the tint change when I entered the first map.

- Was the art made/edited by you? It's very good.

- I like the menu screen and how sexy it is to switch out party members.


- I love how the monsters fade out when they die.

- The game feels pretty nice so far. I like collecting candy and killing demons with it >:D

- Thank god you added the unlimited candy bag. It helps A LOT for noobs :)

- The animations are fast. THANK GOD, I HATE SLOW ANIMATIONS!!

- Why can I use my battle candy out of battle? That's dumb.

- Can't open a candy box if one of my characters are dead.

- I feel as though I should get healed after every level.

- Good mapping.

- The confuse (I forgot what you called it) should go away after battle. I don't see why it doesn't.

- Maybe it would be a good idea to give me some more candy when I start the game. It's hard for a player to NOT save their candy,
resulting in a lot of unlimited candy spam. THOUGH IT IS FUN TO WATCH, I'LL GIVE YOU THAT :P

- I need to find one more guy to give me candy, yet this dragon is blocking my way. Now I will get never that candy.

- There are cooldown scripts. Use them to make sure bosses don't spam the same buff on themselves.

- I'm liking the battles in general. But The Dragon might be a bit too long for my tastes.

- I like how debuffs can stack.

- Wish I could separate the battle candy and the healing candy in the menus. Kind of a cluster fuck.

- Sexy discriptions.

- I love how you designed level 3.

- Why don't the waterfalls have an animaton? That's ugly.

- Why not add doors for the sake of realism?

- Lightening Candy says it's single target, yet I can use it as an AoE.

- I like the final boss. Though I wasn't ready for him. Thought he would have his own map or something *.*

- The final boss one-shoting magical girl. I'm not happy anymore.

- Main character died. Everything's fucked, and the never told me. :|

My main problem is that the game relies on items to do everything, and it can be very hard to make the player not conserve said items.
There were a lot of fights where I spammed my normal attack because of this, and that is a huge mishap in my book. Also, I feel as though this game could've use a few small gimicks while finding candy. Because at level 3, I got tired of looking for most of the npcs before fighting anything.

Nevertheless, this game is pretty nifty :)

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was a fun way to waste a lol time but the battle system lacked diversity with everyone having the same ability and moves but different stats lol
i lost the magic girl and their was no candys to revive her
anycase after the 1st boss i lost interest
not a bad attempt at something unique tho id rather watch a full game playthru then do it myself

id rather watch a full game playthru then do it myself

I got you covered if your still interested after all this time.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
~ candy fangs ~ is an awesome name! :)
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