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Beam me up, O'Brien! (BQ6 is complete)

This game (slightly overdue) is now complete. Play now!

Hopefully this community puzzle game isn't as disappointing as I fear. The fanfare and interest in the game this go-round seemed lackluster to me, even though in the end we did get 12 submissions. Maybe I am expecting to much? Probably.

Anywho, here are the submissions. (If I didn't see a name associated with a submission, I made one up for it):

Jude - Filter Circuits
kentona - Settlers of Kentan
GreatRedSpirit - A Thing Happened
Avee - Deadly Invaders
Rachael - Mirror Cavern
thatbennyguy - Keying In
Liberty - Ancestry
Bobhostern - Avoision
Gibmaker - Tile by Error
Marrend - Drawcab Monks
Caz - Chappy and the Intercom
Hexatona - FLASHDUEL

Now for my award ceremony...

Best Puzzle:
Rachael - Mirror Cavern

Funnest Map:
thatbennyguy - Keying In

Overachiever Award:
kentona - Settlers of Kentan

Biggest Rip-Off:
kentona - Settlers of Kentan

Shake Fist In Frustration Award:
GreatRedSpirit - A Thing Happened

Progress Report

Coming soon...

I have played through the submissions and have begun the compilation of the entries into a single project. Hopefully things go smoothly!

Unfortunately, Nessiah was unable to create killer artwork for the intro scene, so I will have to throw something together. C'est la vie!

I hope to have the final project out tomorrow or Wednesday.

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