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Festival of Souls


The Festival of Souls.
A celebration hosted by Redoak Town, the only town to boast not one, but five shrines dedicated to the Caller of All Souls.
The Festival is a time to remember those who have been Called.
To feast in their name, and make merry in their memory.
But strange creatures have taken up residence in the Shrinewood, and the journey to the Gateway in the centre of the forest has become too dangerous to attempt.

Gerad Whitewhistle is dared to go into the Shrinewood by some local children, and finds himself literally sucked into an adventure to save the Festival of All Souls from being cancelled.
An adventure that will take him far from home as he explores different worlds, finding things that are lost and do not belong and returning them to their rightful place.


Gerad Whitewhistle
Five year old Gerad Whitewhistle is the younger brother of Kirrin Whitewhistle, Royal Knight and saviour of Thorntop. She has been called in to deal with the Creatures on the Shrinewood, but it is Gerad whose story is about to begin.

A strange catlike creature from the Abyss. She has been sent by the Dragon of the Abyss to be Gerad’s lifelong companion. She has many skills that will prove very useful to Gerad throughout the years. Shadow Walk, Abyss Doorway and Invisibility.


Redoak Town: The town that hosts the Festival of All Souls. They have been having problems with some strange creatures in the Shrinewood where they hold the festival. Unless these creatures can be cleared and the Shrinewood made safe again the Festival of All Souls will have to be cancelled.

Abyss: The World Between Worlds where it is said the Dragon of the Abyss resides, the God worshipped by the Acolytes of Thorntop, those who travel the Abyss in search of the Dragon and the secrets he holds.

Shadow World: The realm of the Pumpkin King, who has lost something very valuable and he wants it back.

Underworld: The realm of the Caller of All Souls, this is where all Souls come when they are Called, to rest before they are reborn.

Dark Forest: The location the creatures in the Shrinewood are from. But why have they left their home to come to the Shrinewood? And how can Gerad get them to return?


Glasses: These allow you to see items that do not belong in a particular world. However, sometimes the glasses will hide things that do belong. So be careful to always check twice.

Invisibility: There is no battle system, so the only way to avoid enemies and reach your destination is to use Hela’s handy Invisibility skill!

Invisibility Gems: These Gems are hidden throughout the game and each one will increase Hela’s Invisibility time by 10seconds. They might come in handy.

Abyss Doorway: This skill allows you to travel into the Abyss, where interesting things can be found!

Shadow Walk: As long as Hela is in your party you can use shadows to move from place to place.

• Message script
• Menu Script
• Timer Script
• Title Screen
• Title music
• For the awesome battlers, and of course, Hela.
• Ghostly sprites
• For VXAce, VX and XP, from which I took battlers and music.

The battlers are deliberately used to jar with the RTP to show the difference between the world of Thorntop and the other worlds Gerad will visit.
Also, that Pumpkin sprite... I made that, so be gentle please. (first ever sprite)

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Guardian of the Description Thread
Maybe I'm all kinds of fail (A decent, if unfortunate, possibility), but I could not get past the map with all the spiders. I managed to find a Door, had a conversation with the cat, but nothing happened. I tried using the Needle on a whim, but it didn't do too much of anything (By-the-by, using items is a much longer process that it needs to be. But that's just me talking). Was I supposed to do something else, or, what?
Have you tried checking out Hela's awesome skills?

One of them might help. Gerad should say "We should try your Abyss doorway" or something similar.

Edit: Just did a quick check. The circles should open into a proper doorway to go through when you use Abyss Doorway.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I recall looking at Hela's skill list, and wondering what the possible combat applications were rather than puzzle-solving applications. Also, I might have misinterpreted Gerad's line to mean "Use the Needle". Since, you know, I figured I would have to "stitch" the door together before I could use it. Or something.

Nevermind. I'm not sure where I'm going with this comment.

I need to find a better hud for the game anyway, the menu screen just serves to confuse even me. Well... at some point I will go back an fix it.

There are no battles in the game... I couldn't justify having a five year old running about with a weapon (or ordering his brand new shadowcat)killing things, it just didn't feel right.
Puzzle adventure game. It is a very simple game, there are no battles or dangers. I did manage to complete it, but there are lots of minor glitches. In particular around day 3 I somehow got a Through flag on me so i was noclipping around the entire time, it made the final day much easier to complete. I have no idea why putting the glasses on would make treasure chests disappear. I also dont know what is the purpose of the invis gems. I am extremely disinclined to use the cat's invisibility skill because it disables dashing, even after the effect wears off. Because of all these and other glitches I was worried about breaking the game in some manner but thankfully that never happened.
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