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Once every few centuries, a special night arrives: the Dead Moon.
Without fail, creatures from the Netherworld will attempt to travel to the world of the living
to carry out their nefarious plans under the moon's sinister glow.

Morten is one of such dark creatures.
However, the spell teleporting him is tampered with, and his body is torn to pieces, leaving only his head.
Luckily this does not kill him, since he’s a Lich (and basically a talking skeleton).

With only his head and a few tricks, he enlists the help of the tragically naïve nun who finds him and a newly raised zombie warrior to find the lost pieces of his body and his Grimoire, the source of his power, which was, tragically, also lost.

Meet spooky, interesting characters typical of Halloween season, each with their totally different combat style, and fight your way through the four dungeons in this quick, fun romp through haunted settings.

Morten is a lich and a necromancer who came from the Netherworld, but due to a casting accident has become body-less and unable to use the majority of his powers.

Mariah is a gentle, naïve, and rather dense nun. She finds Morten's head and offers her help, carrying Morten's head around.

Robin is an undead warrior risen by Morten in the graveyard to serve as a minion.

Other characters also help and join Morten on his search.

The game is an entry for the Halloween Contest here at RMN. It's meant to be a short, 4-dungeon game with quirky characters and a lighthearted, comedy mood.

Dead Moon Night takes places in the world of Arum.

Latest Blog

Game completed!

So, after a couple of weeks of frenzied, crazied, deadline-looming omg-how-is-it-so-late-already developing stint, the game is finished and tested.

So, please play and leave us your comments! Really, really, please leave us something, even one liners like “I liked it”. We sank an unhealthy amount of time and tension on it.

With the feedback begging out of the way, that’s it! Enjoy the game!
  • Completed
  • Indra
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 10/30/2012 09:19 PM
  • 11/13/2015 10:47 AM
  • 10/31/2012
  • 131418
  • 54
  • 4081


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I'm a dog pirate
Looks nice and sexy in a creepy way!
People should should give this a whirl if anything just for the great banter.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Wil. chekc this out as well as the arum tutorial.
Wil. chekc this out as well as the arum tutorial.

Just a heads up about Arum: the information in RMN is outdated(the gamepage got no attention at all so updates kind of...died).

The full info (will be updated soon) and world map with countries is over at Rpg Maker Web: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/292-arum-the-rm-universe/
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Ah ok.
*takes a quick peek at Lorelai, Queen
Well i see none of the characters in Dead Moon Night are there, at least not as PCs.. hmm. Oh, and I kept all the PC's original names except for Vlad's.He's "Vlady." Sooo cute! 9 (The mimic's taunts are a bit too fast to read.)
*just finished the game*
Asdsjkl! @_@ *ROFL*
Oh my god this is amazing!
Nah, of course they wouldnt be. Both Lorelai and in Search of Dragons were made BEFORE this. (but neither is compleye yet, so there will be references later).

The whole Arum universe is still young, making new games so they can set some references is the whole POINT.

And glad you lou liked the game! (Especially the ending XD)

We were aware of the mimic thing, but we wanted SO BADLY to get the sucker out the door we left it for the combat log OTL
I'm playing and loving it! ^^ However... when I wait in battle when Lesser Fiend is supposed to turn into Greater Fiend it doesn't happen. It did once but I accidently hit escape and when I try to battle again he just won't show up :/
Oh shit, is that not fixed?
Well, I'm afraid thats an eventing error :I It flips a switch once it APPEARS once, so if you run, you can't meet him again.
I thought we had fixed it already, sorry OTL
Guardian of the Description Thread
Played this a bit. The game has a certain "cuteness" factor, and I had a bit of fun when I played it. However, I don't like how there isn't much room to avoid enemies. I dunno. I guess my real gripe with this is that I get the sensation that I'm getting into encounters way more often than I should. Or, that when I use the option to escape during an encounter, the monster sprite isn't removed from the map.
started playing, just searching for the second body part.

Nice game, fights are a bit annoying though, the enemies are too strong!!!!! (this is why I hate rpgs! Battles!)

On a more serious note. The banter is good. Morton is awesome.
- I like being able to name my characters.

- The dialogue is pretty good.

- I like being able to interact with the map.

- I can use Bad Blood in the menu.

- Pressing shift to run or walk without the need to hold it. Sexy.

- I like the art style.

- I like the skill descriptions.

- <3 being healed after fights.

- I like the battle theme.

- I like getting all these mods, but it's kinda annoying to feel as though I always need to
check my menus.

- I like your mapping style.

- lol'ed at werewolf fangirls.

- When I reach the witch tree, the werewolf spells "anyway" wrong.

- Why are these wolves attacking me. It would be nifty if the werewolf said something about that.

- I hate teleportation. How did she do that? Oh well...

- I like the game telling me when there's a boss ahead.

- There's one switch that tells me the chest is unlocked when I didn't activate the other switches.

- Should I be able to stack Skeleton Mage? I have 999 magic now.

- Why must I wait 10 seconds to restart the game? The logo and the title screen is nice, but come on ;__;

- In the vampire room, why do the waterfalls not have an animation?

- It would be interesting if you added a feature that allows me to equip different mods if I
am killed on a boss. Getting a few gameovers until I use a specific mod is annoying.

- I'm still loving this dialogue.

- I like that plot twist.

- "per se"?

- The final boss didn't really do it for me. I dunno- maybe my mods were that good...?

I really like this game. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the story a lot. My main issues come from the trash mobs. It's a bit hard to avoid fighting trash mobs, and the fights don't really change a lot- so it's boring.
Also, I'm not into the mod feature. It's kinda weird- like, it's cool that I can customize my characters, but it kinda made me mad in a few areas. I dunno- I guess you could say it's a love-hate sorta thing. But all and all, I really enjoyed this project. Goodjob! ^.-
I'm a dog pirate
That little skull is so ADORABLE. Best part of the game so far.
@Marrend: That is partly due to the fact that my mapping style for areas like caves and forests tends to be "narrow paths". I am not used to mapping with visual encounters, so that influences it.
That said, we already ripped out 90%of respawning, so encounters are basically the same you would get with a random non visible system.

@Dragonsfire: Only the first few battles should pose a problem: equip your mods correctly and you should have safe sailing (except for a couple bosses that may require some strategy).

@Clareain_Christopher: The "all these mods" is due to the agme being quite short. Had it been longer, we'd have been able to pan them out, but there's no whining about that now.
In my experience, once you hit a good build you only revise your mods if you get better versions of what you already use.

Also, the final boss was a bit mild for mostly everyone, but it's to be expected: by then your characters have their builds as completely monstrous settings, and we couldnt make the boss tailored to those people, since some will also not be too good at managing mods, making the final boss impossible. (So yeah, if enemies are easy, it's the game telling you your build works well.)

Also some of the things you listed are dev errors (typos and switch trouble? oops). We will prob release a fixed version at some point I guess.

@Deckillen: Just don't tell that to Morten. He prefers being called handsome. Cute is not manly enough for him. XD

really happy with this game i will make a review if i have time hahahah

I loved this game!

It was fun to play lot's of humor from the characters and the storyline.

Was something different than the standard rpg's around. Very creative!

@Drago5656 and @Super Gamer
Glad you guys liked it! :D
Thanks glad you had fun with it.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Only took me about 4hrs to finish.....that's good for me :)

Very much enjoyed the game.

It was fun and funny....poor Morty :)

Thank you Indra and Fomar for an enjoyable time.....

You're welcome, really glad you enjoyed it!

What bits did you like best?
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