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Hallow Grim is the short misadventure of a young boy on Halloween night. A mysterious old lady shows up at his door and casts a spell sending both him and his sister to the Dead World. A small part of a much larger sinister plot, surely.

Every year on Halloween, spirits from the dead world enter the world of the living and are "bound" to a host, to haunt them for that entire evening.
Young Evan Grimsly is one such host, haunted by the mischievous Vi, a spirit in the form of a young girl. These two dread Halloween every year as they are forced to spend it together and waste most of their time trying to find a way to ruin the other's day. All is going as usual until a mysterious elderly lady knocks on the front door; she casts a strange spell opening a gateway to the dead world, sending Vi, Evan, and his sister, Sally, all to the other world. After he awakes, he finds himself in a dark, stormy graveyard, Sally no where to be seen. With only the bratty Vi as his guide, he goes searching for his missing sister in this strange new world..

Its just a real short, silly, adventure game, focused on solving small puzzles and avoiding traps and enemies.

The game features a lot of edits, (mostly from the 2k3 RTP). Any other graphics that were not my own, will be creditted correctly, very shortly.

Latest Blog

Starting back up..

I originally started HG for All Hallows' Event 2012. I wrote the story down, made the intro and made some custom resources and found some nifty resources, all ready to start it up.. and I never found time to work on it any more than that. Needless to say, I didn't make the deadline and HG just drifted off my to-do list.

Now that halloween is coming around again, and with some inspiration from this years All Hallows' Event (although I obviously cannot submit this as an entry for that contest since it was a project already in progress, technically.), I decided to get back in the groove of this game and hopefully finish a project. Just as a personal goal of mine, I would like to finish it and release it by Oct.30th.

This time around I am focusing on putting together a simple yet (hopefully) fun battle system that runs like a card game of sorts. I am not the most graphic heavy person and am not that great at making the prettiest game, but I am attempting to make it look as well as I can for the timeframe I have.

Anyway, here's to hopefully finishing a (short) project and releasing something for Halloween this year. :)

Good luck to the all those who are making projects for AHE, as well. Cheers!
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  • 10/31/2012 08:04 PM
  • 10/30/2013 11:20 PM
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One of only a handful of new 2k3 games in quite some time! Puzzle horror/adventure is always fun.
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