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Starting back up..

  • Solid89
  • 10/10/2013 07:09 PM
I originally started HG for All Hallows' Event 2012. I wrote the story down, made the intro and made some custom resources and found some nifty resources, all ready to start it up.. and I never found time to work on it any more than that. Needless to say, I didn't make the deadline and HG just drifted off my to-do list.

Now that halloween is coming around again, and with some inspiration from this years All Hallows' Event (although I obviously cannot submit this as an entry for that contest since it was a project already in progress, technically.), I decided to get back in the groove of this game and hopefully finish a project. Just as a personal goal of mine, I would like to finish it and release it by Oct.30th.

This time around I am focusing on putting together a simple yet (hopefully) fun battle system that runs like a card game of sorts. I am not the most graphic heavy person and am not that great at making the prettiest game, but I am attempting to make it look as well as I can for the timeframe I have.

Anyway, here's to hopefully finishing a (short) project and releasing something for Halloween this year. :)

Good luck to the all those who are making projects for AHE, as well. Cheers!


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Well, that goal of Oct.30th is not happening. I have however, made a lot of progress and have a clear-cut goal on what I'd like to do with this game and have made a lot of maps and custom systems and its moving right along. Unfortunate that I could not accomplish my original goal, but a definite 2013 release I am sure.
Just a little update, that is all.

Happy Halloween!
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