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It's all fun and games until someone gains an eye

There is no such thing as Monsters.

Or rather, there was no such thing as monsters, until someone let them out.

So what does one do when they have just loosed such a plague upon the unsuspecting world? Why set themselves up as the worlds first (and only) Legitimate Monster Hunters, and charge a lot of money to get rid of their little infestation.

But no one can fly high forever, and something is about to happen that is going to bring everything crashing down.

Things have just gotten personal.

Game play
I will be experimenting with a few different things in this game.

Touch Battles will be found along the main storyline, simply because I find this an easier way to control the battles for the story
Random encounters can be found in the Quest Dungeons, which play just like a traditional rpg dungeon.

Additional Dungeons
There will be two secret dungeons as well as a number of playable dungeon areas throughout the game. All are optional, the dungeons relevent for the main plot will be unmissable.

Magic comes in the form of Scrolls in this game, simply because it didn’t feel right having the characters able to use magic. You can buy scrolls, but they will be expensive. This means you will likely have to rely on items (which I have always felt are underrated in games where magic is involved). I’m not cruel however, so you will find Scrolls in dungeons, and occasionally they are dropped by monsters.

Key Items
There will be three very special Key items which can be utilized in very fun ways. The Water Bottle, the Tinder Box and the Shovel. I’ll leave it your imaginations what they can be used for.

Hidden Extra’s
There will be hidden passageways to treasure rooms, so check everywhere just in case.
There will also be a bunch of hidden events, these events will have little to do with the main story itself, but will give extra insight into the characters (or just a little scene for the fun of it), including three Backstory flashbacks to look into how they ended up the way they are.
Also, if you find all the Backstory Flahbacks, all the Fluff Scenes and complete all the Quests you will recieve some very good surprises.

I will warn you now. I will inevitably go overboard with the cutscenes, both in frequency and length, so I have found and will be using a handy SKIP CUTSCENE script.

Cursing, swearing and generally terrible language throughout. These are not wholesome characters, so they will say things in crude way. So if you don’t like that sort of stuff you might want to not play this.
Mentions of graphic violence as well as mentions of rape. This is a dark/adult game people, I make no apologies.

Yanfly—Ace Core Engine
Ace Message System
Extra Param Formulas
Party System
Ace Battle Engine
Free Turn Battle
Battle Command List
Command Equip
Death Common Events
Enemy Death Transform
Enemy Levels
Skill Cost
TP Manager
Party Sixed Menu
Ace Save Engine
New Game
System Options
Kread-EX—Custscene Skipper
TDS- for the little scrip that got rid of the MP bars for me!
Joseph Hillen-Keene (My little brother): for the music in the later end of the game.
Raine Fallon for the Title Screen
Cosmickitty for the epic character art! Thank you Cosmickitty!


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Got someone to do some awesome character art for the game.

Will have to see if she's willing to do scenes as well.

Working hard on the game, may revamp some quests and that, find a quest system to use or something so the player can keep track.
Remade my starting town. Goodbye place holder maps.

Tile set modifying is fun!
Yay! Character art now finished! Posted! I'm so pleased!
Nice demo, just played it through. My only gripe would be accidentally skipping a cutscene. In one scene, after you were swindled of your full money, I hit escape to pull up the menu and see how much money I had, only to find out I was still in the cut scene and skipped over the rest.

Otherwise, this is a fairly solid game.
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