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Palasiel Quest is an old-school styled role-playing game that takes place in the world of Palasiel. It's a world that is created and governed by The Creator. Palasiel is in a state of chaos; empires are falling, kingdoms are toppling and dark forces are at play. Many years ago, three heroes managed to quell the evil, but not completely. The Creator then decides to..."borrow"...five people from Earth, who will become Palasiel's new champions.

However, these new champions have all been spirited away at different times. Some of have been in Palasiel longer than others. Daran, the appointed "main protagonist" has just arrived and his instructions from The Creator are very simple.

"You are the chosen one.
There is an evil lord to defeat.

Join Daran as he journeys across Palasiel in search of the other people who were spirited away. Get caught up in kingdom politics, assassination attempts, cheating wives, murder cases, crazy alter egos, prison breaks, throne usurping and more!


Influcence the storyline!
While Palasiel Quest features a linear story, it can be influenced quite a bit through choices in the game to the point where ideally playthroughs between different players will rarely be the same. This is influenced by two mechanics known as "Choice Divert" and "Path Diverge".

Choice Divert system!
At certain points in the game, Daran will be presented with a choice. Whether the choice may seem big or small, the effect these choices may result in can be anything from a small alteration in a scene, to a less/more difficult dungeon to even a character death. In essence, Choice Diverts shape the future.

Path Diverge system!
A Path Diverge is a story segment that’s triggered by talking to certain NPCs at which point the party will diverge from the main story route and take a different path in the story, or take a detour. Path Diverges can lead to additional backstory information, bonus scenes and additional Choice Diverts.

Character-driven quests!
Sidequests in this game are character-driven and won't have you fetching three pieces of wolf fur for a reward of 20 pieces of gold. You can look forward to quests where you can learn the stories of the many characters in the game!

Arte Learning system!
Artes are not learned in the traditional way via levelling up. In battle, characters (excluding guests) will earn AP (Arte Points) by defeating enemies, using artes and levelling up. These points can be used to learn new abilities in each characters' Arte Tree. This way, players can choose how to build a certain character as they play the game. Will you have Ariel learn more White Mage artes to become a better healer early on? Or will you prioritise her Thief skillset, so she can aid in dealing damage and status ailments more? It's all up to you!

Stellar soundtrack!
The game will have an original soundtrack scored by Jeremiah George! Known for his orchestral arrangements and his penchant for the epic and melodic, the soundtrack is sure to be among your favourites! His works include the Misao award-winning Lakria Legends, as well as Labyronia Elements!

Fun and diverse cast!
One of the things I noticed when looking at the JRPGs I played growing up is the lack of diversity in the casts, usually having one token "diverse" character and the job was done. Palasiel Quest will have a diverse cast of people from different racial backgrounds, sexual identities, etc.

Solve crimes with Opal!
At certain points in the game, you'll undergo investigative work to solve crimes as Opal Beryl. It'll be an interesting change of pace from the questing and the dungeon exploring!

Latest Blog

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Sanya Feral, the Survivor!

Palasiel Quest has a plethora of characters outside of the 5 main ones featured on the main page. Every few days I will do “Character Spotlights” that will go over a bit more about each character and what they bring to the table when it comes to either the story or the battles. And without further ado, we’re going to continue things with Sanya Feral!

Sanya is another one of the five people spirited away from Earth to the world of Palasiel! Except, you’ll soon find out that she’s been there for 7 whole years prior to the protagonist’s arrival. Because of this, she’s been assimilated into the world of Palasiel. She knows a lot of people and knows a lot of the history behind Palasiel.

Sanya’s a somewhat level-headed individual, who acts as the Team Mom of the group at times. She enjoys cooking and can make a decent meal out of almost anything. She is a decent hunter and as done a lot of it during her time in Palasiel. She also likes to get drunk. The alcohol in Palasiel is worlds better than Earth’s, you see.

Much of Sanya’s backstory is a mystery, that she’s not too keen on sharing. She has a severe case of arsonphobia (a fear of fire), triggered by an event earlier in a her residency in Palasiel. The party will find her in a prison cell, sentenced to execution for a crime she did not commit. When she meets the protagonist, she finally sees her opportunity to leave Palasiel and join him and the party. However, she’ll only do so if she can bargain with The Creator to allow her to take a certain special someone too.

Sanya’s class is dubbed the “Survivor” class. She specialises in hand-to-hand combat and uses martial artes she invented herself. She utilises a “Deathblow” like system that has her launch a combo of attack with varying degrees of strength before pulling off one of her own powerful martial artes. She’s also able to use Feral Artes, artes she has learned from certain enemies that she’s defeated. This works in a similar fashion to Blue Magic.

Sanya is built to be the powerhouse the party, with her strength surpassing that of Daran’s due to her powerful combos and finishers. The caveat is that she is the slowest in the party, so in a party with Ariel or Opal, she’s guaranteed to go last unless she is applied with a speed buff. She also has a low AP pool, so she cannot output finishers and Feral Artes willy-nilly. But she makes a great character for enemies and bosses with high HP pools and defense!

And that’s all on Sanya! Feel free to ask me any questions about the character in the comments! :)

Next I’ll be going over Opal Beryl, the fifth and final main character in the game!
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Pages: 1
This sounds interesting. Hows it coming along?
Looks great so far, definitely looking forward to a demo.
This sounds interesting. Hows it coming along?

Thanks! It's coming along steadily. I think production will be hasten once Christmas comes around and I'm off uni for a month though.

Looks great so far, definitely looking forward to a demo.

The finished episode will be about a demo length anyway (around 2 hours), so I don't think I'll be releasing a demo.
Is the title meant to be Palasiel or Palatiel?

Also, the subtitle is really really cheesy.

But I like the look of your maps a lot. As someone who hates mapping, I definitely appreciate when someone puts time into their work.
Is the title meant to be Palasiel or Palatiel?

Also, the subtitle is really really cheesy.

But I like the look of your maps a lot. As someone who hates mapping, I definitely appreciate when someone puts time into their work.

The title is meant to be Palasiel. As for the subtitle, that's sort of the idea. Personally, I didn't think it was cheesy, but it's not supposed to be something serious like "Legends of Arche" or something.

As for the mapping, thank you for that. I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my mapping, and I do want to make this project at least look good.
this sounds promissing alright, *suscribes* and as for the mapping, i have little confidence as well, i can spend an hour on one map and it still looks plain, it's a matter of experience
Any demo soon?

Game is about 3 hours long, so I'm on the fence about a demo release. Though I have been considering but just been deciding what part of the game I should showcase, and how long it should be.
Hmmmmm..."Start Believing In RPG's???"

I shall. *subs*
He's still working on it.

(He just put up a new screenshot not even a day ago.)
This looks really nice, I will play it soon!
My mind is full of fuck.
Sounds like a fun project.
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