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UPDATE: Demo A updated to V0.4!

  • McTricky
  • 03/12/2018 07:57 PM
Hello all!

DEMO A for Palasiel Quest has now been updated from v1.3 to v1.4. This update generally matches what the current main build of the game is like, adding a few QoL features and some aesthetic touches, among a few other things. Here is the changelog for v1.4!

- Changed the in-game text color to white
- Changed the dialogue text font and size
- Added a slide-in portrait of the active character in battle
- Saoirse's signature skill "Memento Mori" no longer raises her Magic stat. Now it grants a passive state that allows her to survive a lethal blow with 1HP while restoring the health and MP of the rest of the party.
- Changed the skit notification image
- Facesets have now been updated with new art
- Removed random encounters from the map with the first save crystal
- Color-coded elemental terms (such as Fire, Ice, etc) have been added to skill/item descriptions
- Added "full Pack 2025" font for the TP numbers. Be sure to install this font.
- Fixed some voice-to-text mismatches
- Fixed some grammar issues
- Fixed some word-wrapping due to new font and size
- Updated the Credits

Your save files SHOULD work with this new version as I made an effort to keep the filenames and locations the same. All you'd need to do is copy and paste your save file from the old version into the new version.