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CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Sanya Feral, the Survivor!

  • McTricky
  • 04/23/2018 01:56 PM
Palasiel Quest has a plethora of characters outside of the 5 main ones featured on the main page. Every few days I will do “Character Spotlights” that will go over a bit more about each character and what they bring to the table when it comes to either the story or the battles. And without further ado, we’re going to continue things with Sanya Feral!

Sanya is another one of the five people spirited away from Earth to the world of Palasiel! Except, you’ll soon find out that she’s been there for 7 whole years prior to the protagonist’s arrival. Because of this, she’s been assimilated into the world of Palasiel. She knows a lot of people and knows a lot of the history behind Palasiel.

Sanya’s a somewhat level-headed individual, who acts as the Team Mom of the group at times. She enjoys cooking and can make a decent meal out of almost anything. She is a decent hunter and as done a lot of it during her time in Palasiel. She also likes to get drunk. The alcohol in Palasiel is worlds better than Earth’s, you see.

Much of Sanya’s backstory is a mystery, that she’s not too keen on sharing. She has a severe case of arsonphobia (a fear of fire), triggered by an event earlier in a her residency in Palasiel. The party will find her in a prison cell, sentenced to execution for a crime she did not commit. When she meets the protagonist, she finally sees her opportunity to leave Palasiel and join him and the party. However, she’ll only do so if she can bargain with The Creator to allow her to take a certain special someone too.

Sanya’s class is dubbed the “Survivor” class. She specialises in hand-to-hand combat and uses martial artes she invented herself. She utilises a “Deathblow” like system that has her launch a combo of attack with varying degrees of strength before pulling off one of her own powerful martial artes. She’s also able to use Feral Artes, artes she has learned from certain enemies that she’s defeated. This works in a similar fashion to Blue Magic.

Sanya is built to be the powerhouse the party, with her strength surpassing that of Daran’s due to her powerful combos and finishers. The caveat is that she is the slowest in the party, so in a party with Ariel or Opal, she’s guaranteed to go last unless she is applied with a speed buff. She also has a low AP pool, so she cannot output finishers and Feral Artes willy-nilly. But she makes a great character for enemies and bosses with high HP pools and defense!

And that’s all on Sanya! Feel free to ask me any questions about the character in the comments! :)

Next I’ll be going over Opal Beryl, the fifth and final main character in the game!