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Palasiel Quest OST - "Divergent Wills"

  • McTricky
  • 06/04/2019 08:01 PM
This is Divergent Wills! A battle theme that serves a few purposes. One of which is a battle theme during Path Diverges and sidequest bosses. I was inspired by Motoi Sakuraba's style (particularly his Star Ocean/Valkyrie Profile work). The piece starts off with a chaotic riff before moving on to the main body of the piece. The latter half of the track toward the end symbolises a more upbeat mood possibly signifying the heroes are near victory!


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Forgive me for being stupid, but the beginning is not what I had in mind when you describe it's chaotic.

It's still nice, kinda reminds me of what Falcom usually makes somehow.
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