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A sweet little game with simple graphics and music. Play as Ivy, a lonely little girl living in a very pink town who has received a letter from her dear old friend. Ivy must find items and complete a series of tasks in order to see her again. Includes many ghosts, trees, a convenience store, a narcoleptic ghost hunter, and a punk who's in love with a donut witch.

A small RPG Maker 2003 game that I made over the summer to see if I had the guts to make a game. Completed earlier last month and fixed a few bugs. First game of a color-themed series.

Latest Blog

A little update

Hey everyone, sorry for going inactive for over a year. I guess my only excuses are that I was dealing with a bunch of real life troubles and wanted to focus more on my artwork. That and I was too lazy to touch RPG Maker. Anyway, I've been inspired lately, so I've been slowly planning out a new game. I hope I can make it a lot better than VPG was. Thanks for your patience!

Also, a little while ago I teamed up with one of the creators of Melon Journey and collab'd on a game called Potluck. Check it out if ya want!
  • Completed
  • sheepherds
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • 11/09/2012 07:14 PM
  • 09/15/2022 12:58 AM
  • 10/19/2012
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Sadly it won't open for me :(, sound interesting though
It was a too short trip, but I much liked its funny characters. Thanks Link_2112, I could've never played this game without your fix.

How's the sequel coming along, sheepherds?
Love the graphics. All the little townsfolk had plenty of personality.
The bit at the end on the hill was super pretty.
somewhat stupid character ...(no, interesting ...
Hey, I downloaded the game and I keep getting this error message "the RPG maker 2003 runtime package is not present or registered" How can I fix this? I really want to play the game.
Sadly it won't open for me :(, sound interesting though
Are sure you have unzipped it? If not you have to unzip it before you open it or errors will come up. When you open Winzip or what ever you have got on the top you can see a button that says "un zip" wait a little then click downloads in your documents then click a very pink game then click the sword icon and DONE.
I had that error before but a good friend helped me out.
I know I'm late to the party, but I saw this game on the frontpage and I just had to try it ;)

It's cute, quite short and straightforward.
It's a balanced experience, and for being your first game, it's pretty good. The kind of simplicity that doesn't throw me off, but compels me to find more about the world. A lightheartedness that reminds me of Wadanohara — nothing too complex, but neither bare of content.
A good way to spend 10-15 minutes.

Thanks for sharing!
the font is incredibly squished, does anyone know how to fix it :,-/
the font is incredibly squished, does anyone know how to fix it :,-/

Yeah, I'm having the same problem too. I think we might need to find the specific font and install it, like what OFF did?
I haven't played this particular game, but usually the game folder itself should include a FONT folder. Go there and click through the fonts and install them/the ones you don't have. That usually fixes it
The TM is for Totally Magical.
If the game doesn't have a fonts folder, go here:

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