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A little update

Hey everyone, sorry for going inactive for over a year. I guess my only excuses are that I was dealing with a bunch of real life troubles and wanted to focus more on my artwork. That and I was too lazy to touch RPG Maker. Anyway, I've been inspired lately, so I've been slowly planning out a new game. I hope I can make it a lot better than VPG was. Thanks for your patience!

Also, a little while ago I teamed up with one of the creators of Melon Journey and collab'd on a game called Potluck. Check it out if ya want!


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Since you're back perhaps you should consider fixing the download if you haven't already http://rpgmaker.net/games/4556/?post=488321#post488321. If you make any more games in 2k3 you'll want to do the same fix.
Thanks, Link_2112. I added the new download and I'm pretty sure everything works alright! Sorry I'm such a dummy.
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