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"In his autumn before the winter, comes man's last mad surge of youth."
"What on Earth are you talking about?"
- The Chameleons

Even great sages die. Tilcare, our "hero", doesn't want to meet this fate. Or, at least, he wants to meet death at his own terms. His death isn't corporeal, but a state of permanent peace, which he calls Quiet. The only way to achieve it is through his mind, but time's against him.

His mind, the Psiche, is in a state of turmoil. Monsters are around every corner like a disease, strife and despair in every place, and only a few of the Ideas (anthropomorphic personifications of Tilcare's subconscious) aren't working against him. And most of them are completely mad. Aiding your creator in effectively destroying your world tends to have an effect on people.

Does all of this sound depressing? If it does, rest assured. Ad Quietem Postremam doesn't take itself too seriously. Yes, there is death, madness, various psychoses, - but hey! Is there something worth fighting for? Ad Quietem Postremam is a voyage. What you find in it is yours to keep. And it's still meant to be fun. Maybe. In a random way.

And yes, it's an Italian project. I hope I'll find the strenght to translate it.
It will feature a Custom Menu System (still in the works) and a modified Default Battle System. And custom graphic stuff here and there.


Impaled Janus: story, eventing, some graphics
Mercury: mapping, graphics, story

Latest Blog

In which we say what we are actually doing

Nothing. Let me be more precise: we are on a break.
We are not putting this on hiatus (I think about the project all the time, creativity is off the charts), but we haven't actually worked on it for months. Its progress has halted since... since I submitted this page on rpgmaker.net, actually.
The reasons are the old boring ones: exams and life stuff. As an apology, let me show what I was woring on last, the DBS. The coding side is almost done, I have to make up some spells and some commands, but it exists.
It's the graphical side that, as always, takes time.

VoilĂ , almost-mockup time. The monster sprite is from Live A Live (and it's a placeholder), the character ones are heavily edited (with lots of parts made by me from scratch) from Arabian Nights. I suck at animating them, that's the part that delays the whole progress.
The bar on the up-right side "is" Samael, Idea of Deep Desire: whenever a character executes the command described in the upper line, everyone gets a prize (described in the line below). Yes, it's shamelessy stolen from Balmung Chronicle (the concept, not the coding, mind you XD).
The commands on the screen are Lotto's. In order:
Maya, the elemental spells, which are thaught from Idols.
Semi, ("Suits"), various buff and debuffs based on the Italian and French suits.
Mobius, a kind of Reset from FFV, the difference being that it only affects the playable characters, not the monsters.
And the Objects XD

I hope this will satiate your "thirst" till we'll be back on track!
I really appreciate the feedback thus far, see ya!


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This looks really good so far. I'll keep an eye on this~
But it might be a good idea to fix the text. White text on a white background? :O
Looks white on blue-ish grey to me.
But yeah, unsexy choice.

I still subscribed though.

edit : nevermind >.> I see what you mean now.
Sorry, I really messed up with the Css. In retrospect I shouldn't have tried changing stuff at random xd I can't change it now, I'm sorry you'll have to wait till I have access to a pc. Which is tomorrow. Thanks for the subscriptions, though!

Edit: ok, it should be allright, now.
Subscribed! Your mapping is beautiful.
All the praises for the mapping should be going to the mapper of the project, Mercury (who isn't registered on the site). I just "find the stuff" to work with. I'm a rips dealer. Sometimes he makes something of his own (like the creature in the screen with all the flesh, or the menu).
Why haven't I found out about this yet?! Looks gorgeous~ *Subbed* ^o^
This game has gorgeous looks and for what I read of the characters, the story is going to be pretty good too. You guys seem to make a very well-rounded team. I gotta keep a close eye on everything you do. =)

...If you're not too far into development, though. I really suggest you make the game directly into English. Translating a game can be very tedious and it would be a shame not to see a release in English. xP
i knew this game looked familiar....

found this in a certain folder on my computer filled with inspiring "vaporware" screens.....hope your game turns out to exist after all. good luck
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
@alterego: Thanks! I really like your project, it's a huge source of inspiration! And for the translation thing... we could still do it, traslating the messages it's not a big deal. It's the menu that scares me, but since I recently begun remaking it... we'll see.

@mellytan: Surprise! It's not vaporware. Ad Quietem had already been released at the time of that picture. But since it was full of bugs (we made it for a contest in under two months, and we tried to do too much in too little time), I am kind of ashamed of it. This time we are taking our time.
I absolutely love this premise.
Thanks! We're having a kind of a pause here, it's exams time.
I could upload a mockup of the (default) battle system I'm working on, just to spice things up.
I could upload a mockup of the (default) battle system I'm working on, just to spice things up.

By all means do so!
RMN sex symbol
This game looks absolutely amazing, how have I not found this earlier *subbed*
Awesome project !
I subscribed.
Can't wait to play it.^^
Long overdue for a Development spotlight.
This game looks really good. I hope a demo gets uploaded soon. *subs*
Woa, we really didn't expect this. Thanks XD
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