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In which we say what we are actually doing

Nothing. Let me be more precise: we are on a break.
We are not putting this on hiatus (I think about the project all the time, creativity is off the charts), but we haven't actually worked on it for months. Its progress has halted since... since I submitted this page on rpgmaker.net, actually.
The reasons are the old boring ones: exams and life stuff. As an apology, let me show what I was woring on last, the DBS. The coding side is almost done, I have to make up some spells and some commands, but it exists.
It's the graphical side that, as always, takes time.

VoilĂ , almost-mockup time. The monster sprite is from Live A Live (and it's a placeholder), the character ones are heavily edited (with lots of parts made by me from scratch) from Arabian Nights. I suck at animating them, that's the part that delays the whole progress.
The bar on the up-right side "is" Samael, Idea of Deep Desire: whenever a character executes the command described in the upper line, everyone gets a prize (described in the line below). Yes, it's shamelessy stolen from Balmung Chronicle (the concept, not the coding, mind you XD).
The commands on the screen are Lotto's. In order:
Maya, the elemental spells, which are thaught from Idols.
Semi, ("Suits"), various buff and debuffs based on the Italian and French suits.
Mobius, a kind of Reset from FFV, the difference being that it only affects the playable characters, not the monsters.
And the Objects XD

I hope this will satiate your "thirst" till we'll be back on track!
I really appreciate the feedback thus far, see ya!


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This looks all kind of badass. Can't wait to see something playable.
Ugh! Making animations is such a pain in the ass. Specially when they're edits and you have to understand first how that animation works. ...That's why I choose to leave my characters static whenever possible. It saves a lot of time. xP

Anyway, good luck with the project! I hope you guys resume to work on it as soon as possible.
Welp! Doblepost.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Can't wait to play this, so glad the Euro scene is still up to good things
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