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Alex Mattson's LP

The Let's Plays just keep comin'!

RMN All-Stars Playlist


mechamind90's RMN All-Stars Let's Play

Having completed an LP of Super RMN World, mechamind90 has moved on to this game! As with SnackJackSJ's currently-running LP, I'll keep this blog informed of new videos posted. Let the good Mario times roll!


Level List

This is a full list of the levels included in the game, along with their creators.

World 1 - Green Grass Gradation

Wood in World One (Deckiller)
Green Goomba Hills (ShortStar)
Green Greens (AncientNoob)
Pondville (Link_2112)
Giga Underground Way (Gigabowser)
Creation Alpha (Deckiller)
Supra Mairo Bors: Boswer's Castl (kentona)

World 2 - Vegetation Agitation

Green Suede Shoes (Solitayre)
Picky Picky (halibabica)
Ghost Circle (Racheal)
Castle Notsobad (Isrieri)
Supra Mairo Bors 3: Pippes (kentona)
Woodcutter Castle (nin8halos)
Piranha Palace (Solitayre)

World 3 - Trouble Town

Supra Mairo Bors 3: Agnry Sun (kentona)
Underground We Go! (narcodis)
Sunken Desert (Solitayre)
Supra Mairo Bors 2: Dessert (kentona)
Lakitu's Playground (Ratty524)
Batty Bungalow (UPRC)
Koopa Bros.' Tower (Desmo360)

World 4 - Peaceful Rest Vacation

Crabby Coast Crossing (UPRC)
Kentonee Floodplains (kentona)
Starlight Lagoon (Solitayre)
Ghost Wall (kentona)
Oasis Ruins (Deckiller)
Ruins of Muda (nin8halos)
Mairo vs. The Tree Baes (kentona)

World 5 - It is Very Cold in the Sky

Crystal Forest (Solitayre)
Precarious Platforms (GreatRedSpirit)
Supra Mairo Bors 3: Clowds (kentona)
Ghost House Blues (Desmo360)
Supra Mairo Bors 2: Whale Whale Whale (kentona)
Frosty Tower (nin8halos)
Mr. L (halibabica)

World 6 - Bowser's Sauna

Supra Mairo Wrold: Crush Cavs (kentona)
World of Hurt (halibabica)
Triad Airship (Deckiller)
Blood Ocean (nin8halos)
Crimson Slipper (halibabica)
Fortress Aflame (nin8halos)

Bonus Stages
Good luck finding these! They're all top secret!

Skull Lake (Davenport)
Lakitu Bros. (halibabica)
Coffee and Donuts (nin8halos)
Crystal Cave (Desmo360)
Snowy Spiny Summit (UPRC)
Supra Mairo Bors: Lost Leevls (kentona)
Great Palace X (GreatRedSpirit)
Mario in Heat (nin8halos)
Eli's Fortress of Doom (halibabica)
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