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It's a pity to see someone die. It's an even greater pity to see someone take their life prematurely. In that case, I suppose his story is the greatest pity. He didn't belong within the land of the living, and so he chose to live in the Afterlife. A single bullet was all it took for him to enter. With his entrance, the basic cycle of the Afterlife starts: he goes to Judgement to interpret his fate, and he is sent to whatever realm he is destined to inhabit. Unfortunately for him, his fate was erased a long time ago. Now he roams the Afterlife, crossing the bridges between realms and fighting off Existence itself. He shouldn't exist. With no fate, the only destiny he has is Nonexistance. But somehow, he remains alive, and now he has to fight to survive.

No matter. Don't pity him too much. If you knew the whole of it all, you could say he deserves this. But you don't know, and so you pity him and his sorrowful state. I suppose it's not my job to determine what should and shouldn't be. Fate decides that. My job is something entirely different. I can only lead the dead into Judgement, then show them their realm. I suppose it's my job to lead poor Joshua into somewhere where he belongs. Whether he finds the place...well, we'll see if that will ever happen.

OMITTED takes place in the Afterlife, which simply is the collection of worlds separate from the living. Here, souls of the dead and native inhabitants of the eight Afterlives roam. Each realm has its own power and purpose: Purgatory, the realm of Death, for example, is where all the spirits of the dead first go. This is where the story of Joshua Clarence begins, much like every other soul.

The story follows the 'life' of Joshua Clarence (if life after death could be called that). He enters the Afterlife and follows the actions of the many spirits before him. What separates him from every other, however, is his apparent lack of a destiny. Now, with no destiny, there is no fate, and with no fate there is no existance. He, however, still exists without a fate, and thus everything within the Afterlife is out to remove this paradox. His story would have ended much earlier if he hadn't been taken under the wing of Death (Grim Reaper, Anubis, whatever you prefer to call him). His story has no clear villain, nor is he a true protagonist; he is simply a man that needs to survive.


- Voice acting during major storyline cutscenes
- Animations during crucial moments
- An element system similiar in many aspects to Pokemon
- A quirky, varied world to explore
- Complex, imperfect characters
- Weapons and armors that allow for skill usage
- A variety of unique enemies
- Up to 20 different skills available per character

Made in RPG Maker VX Ace

Music by various artists

Scripts (C) various scripters (Listed in other area)

OMITTED (C) Conor Murphy and Katie Allen

Latest Blog

Tester's Wanted!

If anybody is willing to test for OMITTED, just say so here and I'll add you into the tester's slog.

We're still working on getting something playable out, but we DO have the basic battle system ready and up for testing.

Stick around and you'll get exclusive content and details! Any help wanted!


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Yay =3 This is gonna be a pretty cool game~
White text on a white background ^.^

>.> <.<
Yay =3
White text on a white background ^.^
>.> <.<

...the CSS should have the background be gray...what...?

*goes to check*
I like what I see, especially from that train station map, nice use of shadows Pyro~ :)
I like what I see, especially from that train station map, nice use of shadows Pyro~ :)

Not a problem! Honestly, without Yami's Overlay script I would be so screwed with mapping.

Now I just gotta find out how to fix this CSS stuff...
And now the CSS stuff is fixed! I think. Hopefully.

I dunno man, this is new to me
The font's still white, lol easily fixed by using a color change, but still a problem~ :3
The font's still white, lol easily fixed by using a color change, but still a problem~ :3

Well with a gray BG that's not a problem.

And it IS gray now. For some reason it takes forever/a complete cache dump to update CSS changes for any previsited website on RMN.
Realms page added. Will be updated as I figure out what they do ^^;
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