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Concept Dump 1

Huge-ass concept dump for OMITTED. Lotsa drawings going on here!

1) Here's Evangeline, a character that will be joining the party some time in the mid-beginning. She's a woman that was supposed to have died a long time ago, but an error in Fate prevented her from dying. She has a rather odd fascination with the Dead and the afterlife, but outside of this she's practically a hippy.

Pardon if I can't draw girls correctly...

2) The tattoo on Evangeline's back. It's supposed to be a tribal angel thing. Whenever she goes into battle, it projects off of her, as seen on the left.

3) Just some random Joshua sketches.

4) Here we have Justice, one of the Guardians of the Realm of Judgement. She is draped in golden cloth, carries with her a small scale with a shape similar to Libra's symbol, and wears a blindfold. She's also deaf, blind, and mute, and communicated with telepathy.

5) The other Guardian of Judgement, Infliction. I don't have much on him now, but I'll get to that later.

6) Some practice on making expressions on Death. Making expressions for a skeleton is really difficult by the way

7) Monsters! Yaaaay!

8) Random pictures of my characters in various scenarios. I never could get Death to look that good ever again. Ever.

9) Hey look, it's Panic! He's one of Death's prime associates, and he's also your item shopkeep! Can't go into things unprepared after all!


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Yeah thats a cool little list of going ons.
Making monsters is really too much fun sometimes.
Making monsters is really too much fun sometimes.
*draws a dragon.*
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