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Nutshells: Ashen

  • wltr3565
  • 04/07/2014 05:39 AM

It's been long since Cruna Aktrid's previous nutshell blog. This time, I'll cover one of the playable characters! Properly, it should be Lyka first to have a coverage, but since Ashen's portraits are the first one that got mainly completed, she gets the turn. This part won't be as far as spoiling nice bits of her secrets!

Ai Shen Hua, called by the others "Ashen", is a native of Xan village. She's a talented summoner, although she hates her task as such, training every day without gaining any rest. She has no time with her friends. She barely had any friends.

Mysteriously, it was only herself that received the harsh schedule. The others were spared. She's alone to bear the weight. Questioning the ridiculous treatment, she decided to follow her (other) grandfather out of her village with her friend that intends to study to become a blacksmith, Lyka. She ran away from the ordeal. The only thing she's grateful of from the training that she can use it for many things, notably healing without spending any penny for jamus.

The decision to run away led her to a better life, at least, for now. She's on her own, and she's free to do what she wanted with her time, including approaching Lyka. Being a growing woman, she's still embarassed with her feelings, and with lack of any social experience, she unleashed her (minor) wrath with violence, at least to Lyka alone...

As things goes on, blah blah blah, she follows Lyka, going back home to where she actually ran away from... She does this for another reason she ran away too.

Despite the abusive behavior of hers, she's actually more adept in using the Lost Arts, generally, spirit casting. She's a good damage dealer that musters the light elements: fire, wind, and light. Her physical prowess is... well, passable. Spirit casting skills usually don't lock an enemy; they're relative to the casters' position. Better predict and aim well before launching the attacks of hers. But sure are their output are great. Invest in Jack of All Trades route to maximize her offensive output!

If you need her healing capability more, you can focus to invest in Nurse route to make her your trusty healing machine. The Nurse route provides what great healers need! Quick response for healing, great healing output... And that's all...? At least she still can act as a shield while the others are in health...?

As much as she hates her fate, she's indispensable in the battlefield for the reasons above. She's generally a little slow though, so try not to give any unnecessary openings to the foes. Oh yeah, her SR is generally higher, so you can have more leisure to barrage some shots.

Ashen's Stats Summary:
HP: So-so
SR: Extra
ATK: Passable
DEF: Passable
SPI: Good
RES: Good as well
SPD: A little sluggish


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In Eremidia: Dungeon!, she is an Agility-type Companion (which is considered as a speedy fighter), also her speed and stats are really high in level 1. Her potentials, in different with others, are degrading exponentially so her true role is a supportive one, just like in her game of origin; Cruna Aktrid.

Nice coverage for a character summary, fella. I'll look forward for the summary of other characters :D
Summoner Tsundere?

Anyway, gameplay wise, she looks like a red mage. Passable attack and both offensive and healing spells.
You're magical to me.
She's so cute! ^_^
Summoner Tsundere?

Anyway, gameplay wise, she looks like a red mage. Passable attack and both offensive and healing spells.

Among tsunderes, I can say that Ashen is rather collected. I can't stand unreasonable cliched anime tropes. She not always mad everytime she's taunted.

Thanks there :)
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