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This project is a life simulator where you act as the owner of an inn in a fantasy-style world. This project is very large-scale, and I'm only one man, so the speed of updating will probably not be fast.

The planned track towards release is this: a closed alpha which will be sent to testers (selected from replies to a request for testers, which will be forthcoming), followed by an open beta release, a first stable release and updates to that release.

If you are interesting in collaborating on this project as a artist, programmer, tester, or other, please PM me. I plan to do this alone, but I will not reject help. If you just like the looks of this project, subscribe to get updates when things change around here. Thanks to those who have subscribed/commented, your support is encouraging.

Current Features Include:
-Stable Build of Initial Maps
-Character Customizer System (allows five different male and female appearances)
-Basic Intro Cut-scenes. (Rudimentary, but working)

Planned Features For Alpha Relase Include:
-Working AI for customers and staff.
-Basic Cooking System
-Basic Finance Management System
-Basic Time System
-Special Storyline Guests
-Basic Degradation System (makes things get dirty/break)

Latest Blog

Temporary Rest

So, what with trying to make college decisions, working to finish my last 10 weeks of high school, and other various things, I've decided to take a break with all of my creative projects. The reason's very simple: creating has become work.

When I have downtime, I don't want to feel guilty for just relaxing rather than doing creative work. If I want to be creative, I may work on these projects, or may work on something completely random.

Dedication to projects is important, and if I had the time, I'd just motor through and finish these projects, because I don't think they're bad, in fact, the projects I'm working on right now are all very promising. However, in a time when I've got a LOT of pressure on me and a lot of work to do, I don't want to have to deal with the pressures of projects.

So, I may update these projects if I feel like it, but at least until I've finished high school, I'm ONLY going to work when I really want to, so don't necessarily expect anything. Once I've finished high school, I'll take a look at these projects and I may come back to the best of them, but I may also drop some.

See you in ten weeks, or earlier.
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