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This is a role-playing game that I started working on recently. Think of it as a mini-RPG if you will. The RPG is called Sword of Light and it took a total of 12 straight hours to make. It has a total of 10 floors, with 2 mini-bosses and one final boss. The mini-bosses will be on Floors 5 and 9, and the Final Boss will be on the last floor. This mini-RPG has very fast-paced battles where the simplest mistake can cost you half your life as you progress through the levels one by one. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy.

Thydor - Thydor is the main character of Sword of Light. He is the character that you will control the entire time you're in the game. He was trying to master the divine art of the Champion, for he practiced various swings of his sword to slash away at his enemies, but he hadn't defeated enough opponents to trigger and unlock the full powers of his holy magic just yet. Once this brave warrior heard about the tower that contained the almighty Sword of Light, however, he immediately took off on his new quest to retrieve the sword and vanquish all the evils of the world, hopefully unlocking powerful new holy spells in the process!

- Character Name Creation
- Multi-Level Dungeon with 10 Floors
- Max Level 10.
- Items, gear, and equipment obtained through enemy drops, boss loot, and treasure chests.
- Certain items increase Max HP per use.
- A new spell every time you level up.
- Fast-paced battles.
- Bosses that can summon minions in battle.

Estimated Gameplay Time:
Approx. 30-45 minutes

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