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A rather boring RPG

  • Seiromem
  • 01/30/2014 10:46 PM
Plot: A man climbs a tower to get a sword an become a legend.
That's about as deep as it gets, and while it's a good enough reason as any to climb an abandoned tower, it's not exactly thrilling. It's rather cliche and not very 'cool' or whatever. It's nothing new and there is practically no development whatsoever with anything else.


Gameplay: You level up after every battle and gain a skill every floor.
At first it's fine, I mean you're just beginning your ascent, and the first skill is a healing skill. You have a high chance of getting items that heal MP and HP, and since there are no Fully restoring things like an orb or something, it's rather helpful. You also get equipment that scales quite well. But that's the thing, you're GIVEN it. There's nothing you have to do, no puzzle you have to solve to get the equipment. There's also no point in gold.
The battles are, at first, bland and boring.

You kill most enemies in one hit, and the enemies you can't kill in one hit are of no threat to you whatsoever, especially during the boss. As for the middle few floors, you can't kill anything in one hit, and they can gang up on you with powerful moves.
There's another problem with the battles: The amount of enemies.

Instead of a variety of not-so-easy monsters in a battle, you are instead swarmed with the same weak (and sometimes strong) monster.

This does nothing but make me have to attack each one individually, and with the absurd (For me, I'm rather unlucky and missed every other regular attack, causing the battles with these hordes to last unnecessarily long)
chance of missing, it's just annoying.
Also, I don't think it's possible to get hit by a status effect. Every time a desert faerie used one if it's status moves, they've had no effect. Every single time. I don't think I could possibly get that lucky, so it must have something to do with the database.

I also seem to be faster than every single enemy in the game, except for the final boss. Speaking of which;
The final boss is Impossible. Once you've gotten him low enough, he summons a previously defeated boss. Alright, that's no problem. What IS a problem is that the dark overlord goes AT LEAST 5 more times before you can even TRY to attack. by then, the combination of all his moves does AT LEAST 1200 damage, and that's 100 more than the max health I had. Basically, I'd have to get lucky with him only casting demon ice 5 times in a row, and that is about as likely as winning the lottery.

TL;DR The battle system is rather bland and flawed in some parts.
There is nothing else but battling, so there's not much fun to be had.

Muscis/Sound: They're all RTP, but none of it is used badly or annoyingly. They all seem to fit, and there are no problems here. Then again, there's nothing that stands out except the title screen music.

Graphics: They're all RTP, and while 'I' don't have a problem with the RTP, I do have a problem with how you've used it. It's boring, not good and, at times, ugly.

Fun Fact: when I tried to go back and get a screenshot of said ugly mapping, the beginning broke and I couldn't move.


Summary: This game is a rather poorly mapped, disappointing battle system and a weak, if not non-existent, story.


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Sorry, if you think it's a boring RPG...

Hey there, thanks for reviewing my game. I'm sorry if my RPG continued to frustrate you. I admit I probably should have used more time to fully develop my RPG, and I'm not going to argue against any of the feedback you mentioned; you are entitled to your own opinion, but I hope you could take time to understand a couple of things I would like to point out for as to why this RPG is not one of a more professional quality.

I made this entire RPG within the timespan of a week. The total amount of time it took for me to make this RPG if the hours were stacked together would be 12 hours, which is not a lot of time to create a good-quality RPG. The reason I rushed it is because this was my very first RPG and I guess while I was still trying to get familiar with the features, I wanted to publish a short little sample game to get experience on how it feels to publish my RPG to various RPG Maker websites. I, myself, did not expect for this short RPG to get accepted so easily, but as soon as I knew it, this game got accepted by sites like RPG Revolution and RPG Maker Web. I actually received a lot of downloads, and it inspired me to continue making sequels for Sword of Light, which I will talk about next.

I fully acknowledge that this game is not my best piece of work. I could have added a lot more into it, but I assure you, that my more recent game, Sword of Light II might be significantly better than this short RPG you had to put up with. Sword of Light II took about 3-4 months to make so you will probably notice a good chunk of positive changes from this newer RPG.

Furthermore, my most latest RPG, Sword of Light III, is close to being published to this site. I made Sword of Light III in 6-7 months, so I hope that when you get the opportunity to play it, you can start to find some more professional qualities in the game. I added so many positive changes to Sword of Light III from Sword of Light I that, if you compare the Sword of Light III to this one, it would be like comparing 8-bit Mario to Halo.

In conclusion, I appreciate your constructive feedback, but try checking up on my more recent RPG submissions, like Sword of Light II, for it's possible that some of the issues mentioned here could no longer exist with the new and improved sequels. I sincerely apologize for your unsatisfactory experience with my game, Sword of Light I. I hope you're still willing to try Sword of Light II and maybe even Sword of Light III when it comes out, but if you're not willing to take a chance, then I respect your decision.

After enduring the frustrations you've faced with Sword of Light I, I truly hope you have a much more amazing rest of the week. I'm sorry you had to put up with the burdens of this game.

Sincerely, Paul Dela Cruz
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