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"Mine Fu!"

As the young disciple of Wuzan, the great Mine Fu master, brave ninja Ranju must hunt down the Seven Demons of Bom-Bom to save the world!
Previously sealed by the master, the Demons must be defeated once and for all!

Use your knowledge in laying down mines to blow up every Monster Cement tile specially made by the Demons!
Walk over each tile before leaving the stage to beat the puzzle, but only once! Otherwise you will blow yourself up with your own arsenal!

Swing your sword, throw some shurikens and use other ninja gear to topple your opponents!
Laying down mines and beating enemies increase Score and Extra Lives!
Aim for the highest Score possible!

Great perils await Ranju in the 9 puzzle-filled and monster-occupied stages!
Fight your way through sandy beaches, murky swamps and boiling volcanoes!
Use your rock-pushing, pit-jumping and move-timing skills to reach the boss at the end of every stage!

Get ready for some *coughpatheticcough* mouse-drawn cutscenes that develop the characters and plot!
Learn about the dark schemes of an evil mastermind and be prepared to fight both friends and foes!


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The download for v1.0 has been added :)
guess I'll see how much demon ass I can kick

6 stages worth heh I quit after my first game over on 6-2. with three ninjas shooting stuff. you can't jump over bullets, can you? I found they moved fast but my character was a little slow and clunky so I didn't feel like trying again.

it's an interesting concept. the puzzle variety was good. the controls were a little clunky. there were some minor glitches when attacking, thank you 2k3. if you push a rock and continue to walk forward, the rock will move 2 spaces. not really a big deal. the bosses were fun. the art was awesome, in cutscenes. what looks like edited RTP is kinda gross and the HUD/message box was uninspiring. the jokes were..haha hit and miss xD

not a bad little game. I'll have to see how you coded the tile thing, been wanting to add that in my game ;P
Thank you for playing and for these first comments!

I looked at Stage 6-2 to understand what you were talking about... It is true you cannot jump over projectiles, however you can jump to the next row of flooring and reach a safer place near the exit. From there it is pretty easy to beat the enemies one by one. Please give it another try later ^^

As for the coding, there are 64 (8*8) duplicated tiles on the chipset, and each one has a different terrain ID. I use a Parallel Process database event to check where the hero stands at all times, and proceed with the tile and ID change/explosion after that.
It's a really decent puzzler. Enjoying it so far, but just somewhere in area 6.
Not to mention cheesiness paired with ridiculous. I mean .. a ninja .. blowing up everything with bombs?

Thanks for giving the game a try :) It could really use a remake on a more modern engine. I'd like to make one if I ever find some time.

Did you think the second boss (snake girl) was too difficult?
Some of the later bosses can also get pretty tough (maybe too much)...
Not at all, the bosses have been pretty easy so far, actually. I think that was one of the harder ones, but I'd have to replay that one.

What concerns me more are the stages. I don't mind difficulty, but dear god, this monster room in 8 is just mean. The spiders aren't much of a problem, although they break the sitting back I so like, but 2 zombies who you can't even hit properly because they go random ways are. They either come at once from 2 sides or you'll later on have problems getting them to both stay fucking dead before you leave. More lives spawning there aren't helping at all when it's 1/5 cases.
It feels more like a waste of time to check on items.. perhaps I should really skipt it.

Gotta focus a bit and get back to it, but really, that's just randomness and randomness is annoying. You can react fast enough, but your character cannot act fast enough to not die the second they close in on you.

Edit: Yeah, got it soon after. And holy.. why is the ninth so very easy in comparison? And why does the endboss require a dose of luck and nothing more?
You never know.

EditE: Review will be up soon.
Aye, there are a few issues in the balance of difficulty and item RNG. I played again a few months back and had a really hard time against the zombies too.

Thanks for the upcoming review! I'd really appreciate the feedback regardless of how "good" or "bad" the game might be to you.
Oh yes coming back to the second boss. I found it to be one of the easier ones, so no worries there. The spawning snakes do not wander randomly, that helps a lot.

Your rival battle is pretty hard, but you can figure out how to dodge soon. The last boss may rely on luck, but difficult? Not really. Just wait until he teleports somewhere near you.
Cannot open the vehicle file

This problem is likely caused by not having the Rpg Maker 2003 RTP installed on your computer.
It might be fixed by pasting this RPG_RT.ini file over the current one in Mine Fu's game folder: https://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/15964/locker/RPG_RT.ini
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