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  • Avee
  • Added: 11/26/2012 02:58 AM
  • Last updated: 07/18/2019 01:11 PM


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I found that power to be practically useless. at least in the levels I got it in. because you still have to kill the enemies and you can reach them without the need to be invincible for what seems like a really short time.
There are a few places later on where you might find the log dummy to be more useful to reach a safer spot, but indeed you still have to kill the enemies in the end.
When I played I used it as a last-second lifesaver, which is the main idea I had in mind when I implemented it.
This looks Interesting:) Have you planned on adding new power ups as well? And how on EARTH did you add lives and score? That would help when transforming Fantasia into an RPG.
I'm not thinking of taking Mine Fu anywhere else, but you never know. I might make a sequel or something, that would most likely be called Super Mine Fu :P But for the moment the game will not change.

Regarding Lives and Scores, these are done using Variables. Variables numerically keep track of anything you want. I simply showed images of the numbers that correspond to the values for Lives and Score.
The item icon is coded just the same way: the default sword icon corresponds to value 0, the shuriken icon to value 1, etc.
I see. I'll have to experiment more with RPG maker's functions. But, I get how it works now:) Thanks alot!

This game is a fine addition to RMN and a decent little project. I'm working on a Mini Project as well called Mega Man: Ancient 2. Hopefully I can start working on it soon.
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