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Greetings and well met young adventurer! Haveth you knowledge of the legend of Mo The Great? Grabeth thine sword and thy sack! Make ready for thine return to THE CAVERN!

So here it is I've finally dusted off this old gem and make a sequel. In 'The Dooming' all endings of the original game are fair play! That's right whether you found the super secret introspective ending, died half way through and gave up or even never played Cavern of Doom you will be able to pick right up on the plot!

"But how can this be?" I hear you saying. Simple! There are actually multiple story lines determined by your knowledge (or lack there of) of the original continuing on from whichever ending if any you achieved.

This time however you will explore not just the deadly cavern itself but a much wider and expansive world (as long as you've played the first!) and do it from a first person perspective! COD II: The Dooming is in (pseudo) 3D!

The game is far from complete currently but this page alone is my dedication to completing the game, eventually.

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Lost? Alone? Try maps!

That's right I finally finished the maps that all none of you were clambering for! They will certainly aid anyone who is lost within yon cavern however they don't spoil everything for you by design so be prepared to take a few notes of your own.

Hope some adventurer finds these useful!
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  • 11/29/2012 05:33 AM
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So question time. Been working on the music for this and I have two options. Either a more authentic 8-bit sound via .wav or .mp3 files or midi files instead.

The main question is file size still a major issue within the community? I'm not talking 500mb obviously but with non midi music it would certainly not be the sub 4 mb file size either.

Of course the option for choice (ie multiple downloads) has not left the table.

As far as an update goes though the music is coming along much faster than I thought it would. Since this is my second faux 3d engine in RM2k3 the new (to me) engine allows me to edit/create with much higher speeds and accuracy. I would say at this point the demo is about 20-30% ready despite the dog telling me to stop working on the glowing box...
The issue of filesize has more or less dropped by the wayside. I recently uploaded a 228mb COMMUNITY game and all I got were a few eye-blinks. I wouldn't worry about it.
I wanna play this game just because of it's low resolution, and indie game feel!
Soon yon demo shall be released. I've just finished the demo game play wise. Now its on to finishing the music, sfx, battle animations and possibly adding in some hidden areas for those brave enough to play on insane difficulty...

Also since the demo is essentially a re-make of the first game I'm rediscovering how much of a bastard I was to the player in terms of how hard that difficulty mode is... Well better make the new content even more difficult right?
I am still interested in tested your game.

(Note: I have never tested a game except to see how much of challenge it is for me.)
You should be able to download the demo beta as a tester go to the downloads tab to get the latest build.
You should be able to download the demo beta as a tester go to the downloads tab to get the latest build.

Where is that download link?

Sent you and rmn mail GRF with the link.
Just logged in. Took a brief break from the site, and when I come back, I hear you're just about done with the testing. Well, good thing there is nothing for me to report on bug-wise.

Plenty of testing left to go the demo is the tip of the ice berg. Do update you're version to the new demo though as it contains many new graphical updates and credits of course.
Surprised this has not gotten more attention. >_>

(I, for one, am downloading the demo.)
Doesn't seem to be as many place to advertise as there used to be. Plus a lot of people want fancy graphics and a serious story anymore ;)
I can dig the Atari/Early NES graphics sometimes. It just depends really. I just think that Retro style has become somewhat of a comeback with the 3DS virtual console, Mutant Mudds, and so much more.
To be fair the graphics are quite a bit more high res than the first game :) This is practically HD in comparison!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
If you are there, can you explain why it seems to be saying the following quote when I reach the last chest in Blind Man's Bluff along the path to the other side of the portal in there?:
"Foolish mortal, you must knoweth that you can not reach the prison cell of Rewdna without the Star Cube."

P.S. Please accept my apologies for my bad memory concerning the exact grammar that was used in the quote, but I think you get what was saying more or less. Correct? (In other words, why did this error not show up before now?)
Got an exact wording on that script that seems to coming up in error. Here it is:
"Foolish creature, thou shalt never access Rewdna without the Star Cube."

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