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Mindflare is about a young boy who is taken in as an apprentice by a enchanter's school after a terrible accident one night. But he does not live up to the enchanter's expectations and is rebellious, summoning demons in the middle of the night. These demons, or spirits of dead people are highly dangerous unless kept under close watch. During one of these night-time summonings, something strange happens to this young boy, and he is taken to the world of demons, and when he finally arrives home, he has a strange power that changes his whole life...

A release with everything I finished has been added. This is as "completed" as the game will get.

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Release As Is + Plot Reveal

Today, November 1st, I decided to release all the progress I had on this game, although it's incomplete. I'm not working on it anymore.

Here's a link to the download: http://rpgmaker.net/games/46/downloads/1530/ (It should be approved soon.)

To anyone who's curious about the story... I'll write here what I remember of it.
It was about a kid (main character) taken under the wing of a skilled enchanter, along with several other kids. Initially believed to be an orphan, he was actually kidnapped by the enchanter after breaking into the enchanter's house on a dare. His memory is modified to believe he is an orphan rescued by the enchanter. The enchanter needed an apprentice to continue his line of work, and he chose this kid (I never really named him, but I'll call him Peter, as that's the name I stuck on him for the release.) out of freak occurrence. Later on, two other kids, Amy and Henry, are also apprenticed under the enchanter, both of whom knew Peter before he was kidnapped--Henry was actually the one to dare Peter before he was kidnapped, and Amy warned him against going in. Anyways, both their memories are also modified to forget they knew Peter.
During their time with the enchanter, the three kids practice summoning various spirits. One day, Henry accidentally summons a spirit (Henry is more or less an arrogant idiot) while the master is away, and the very weak spirit possesses Peter. This goes unnoticed, as the possession is so weak that the master does not notice. However, this possession drives Peter to hold his own secret summoning rituals in the middle of the night--the demon inside him is trying to call out other demons into the world. Peter, in his inexperience, draws an imperfect circle, and instead of calling demons out under his command, they appear in his mind and begin to slowly take over. However, the enchanter notices Peter is awake in the middle of the night, and interrupts the spell, and so, the spirits only have a partial hold on Peter.
(This is about where the game starts, everything before would've been revealed in flashbacks as he retrieves his memory.)
Peter is kicked out by his angry master, as Peter had already attempted to summon in the middle of the night on other occasions. Running away, he hears voice telling him to stop at the nearby graveyard--a place where spiritual influence is heavy. He wanders into a large empty crypt with a trapped room, where the spirit he had just partially summoned, Orion, saves him by pulling him into the demon world.
There, he crosses a small swampish area to a town of demons, where he finds in the center, a perfect-looking tree with a shining fruit. Peters eats the fruit, after being convinced by Orion that if he eats he, he can return to his home world.
After eating it, Peter wakes up in the graveyard, and begins to wander into the streets, sometime in the morning. As people are now awake and around, he begins to notice a strange power he has--he is able to influence the actions of others, and even possess them for short periods of time. He also realized that he is able to summon Orion at will, as he had cast the binding spells to summon Orion the night before.
He takes his new powers back to his master's house to seek revenge against his master and Henry. Once he reaches the house, he sets Orion loose to hunt for Henry. Orion unleashes his demon side and begins to kill everything he sees, from a few servants to the innocent Amy (who was also Peter's only real friend) to the malicious Henry. As Orion does this, Peter sets off to try to find the master, in order to possess him and take control.
Peter finds his master ready for him, and is easily overwhelmed--he has become arrogant due to his anger and power, and forgotten that his master is a master enchanter. Orion arrives and is easily banished back to the demon world.
The police come to arrest Peter, who is knocked unconscious by his master, and is sentenced to hanging. However, at his execution, his master recalls that it is his own fault for messing up the lives of the three kids, and feeling ashamed, decides to give Peter another chance at life, in the demon world. As Peter is hung by a noose, his master summons Orion, who takes Peter's soul back into the demon world.
There, Peter, taught by Orion, eats more fruit of the tree, and realized that eating from it causes him to make a slow transformation into a demon, and thus Peter begins to assimilate into demon society... waiting for the next person to summon him back into the human realm.

Now... the original inspiration for his game was a completely different story idea. It was about a man who could talk to the dead, and he visited a graveyard and heard the stories of a wide variety of people who had faced oppression--from the Chinese immigants to enslaved blacks. However, that never really grew. =P

Anyways, if you read this, thanks. I hope you enjoy what there is.

Please feel free to steal any resources or even plot ideas!
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  • AznChipmunk
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  • 06/11/2007 12:25 AM
  • 06/21/2010 09:02 PM
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Very good, amazingly cinematic and I love the shadows.
What I really want to know though is; How did you create those shadow pallettes? Was it photoshop? I mean most people just through in some stock fog or sideways lights to break up the staticness but somehow you created palletes for every map.
I love how this was done so far, I cant wait to play this one day ^^
@AznChipmunk: I see you're redoing stuff but seriously I thought the first version was great. I'm really looking forward to future releases.
Alot of snazzy effects going on there, but it seems it takes longer to make than the actual gameplay...
Wow, I just realized someone wrote a review for my game. Also, this is... a secret: I only put about 3 hours of my time into that very short release. I had just played one of my previous projects, giving me sudden inspiration to work on a game. However, Demo Day was the next day, so I scrambled for a release. (This was back a few years ago, at Ghostlight Games, where Demo Day originated.) I know the puzzles are a bit lacking, but I was mostly focusing on graphics. I only said it was like Golden Sun, because of visual effects. Anyways, I've gone back and changed a lot of things... Expect a release, possibly pretty soon...

And the effects don't take longer to make than the actual gameplay >_>. (The focus of this game is on atmosphere, if anything) I just don't work on this constantly, since I have a ton of stuff I am doing all the time. It's kinda like, I work really fast for a week, and then I don't touch it at all for a month or two.
I know what you mean. I enjoyed it though and you certainly got the atmosphere going.
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