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A nice game but not to deep.

Mindflare by AznChipmunk

The intro is well composed consisting of various plot elements seeming to fit up later in the game. The title screen itself is blank yet satisfying. The entire game is about puzzles, and the puzzles itself are brainteasers giving a short little brain exercise each puzzle searching for a certain route to break it. This is a puzzle game and it does truly deliver upon an enriching puzzle experience.

Beside setting up a well made intro, the game itself has various plot holes and almost little to no plot is explored, there are many areas that make you say WTF. Among that the puzzles itself are repetitive and although it has multiple puzzles around five of them, most of them are repeated throughout the demo. A reset key would really be needed at the very first puzzle and not introduced later, and maybe a function to pull as well as the pushing function.

Overall: It's a pretty solid demo with puzzles needs work, but has potential to become a great puzzle game.