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Sword of Light II is the new sequel of the Sword of Light mini-rpg with a slightly longer play time (35-45 minutes, not including end game content). Just like its previous game, you will still have to make your way past floors filled with monsters and defeat bosses, but now, there's more story, more character development, and even a secret riddle at the end of the game that can help you unlock new content.

30 years have passed since the first Sword of Light was claimed. Thydor, the wielder of the first Sword of Light, is now 70 years of age. He has a son, who is now 25 years of age. His son's name is Kaidor, and Kaidor will take on his father's legacy of claiming the next Sword of Light. Like his father, Kaidor must also go through ten floors filled with powerful monsters to claim the second Sword of Light and vanquish evil, once and for all.

===Kaidor - Kaidor is the main character of Sword of Light II. He is the character that you will control in the entire game, and the character that you can also rename. Born into this world with a legacy to fulfill, this young man pretty well might hold the fate of the world as we know it. With a righteous paladin as a father, and a nature-loving traveller as a mother, Kaidor utilizes the best of both their traits, striking opponents with powers from the natural and divine. His father has been training him for this moment for as long as he can remember, and this is it. He will HAVE to save the world from utter chaos and darkness, he will HAVE to make his way past the great tower, he will HAVE to wield the second Sword of Light, and he will HAVE to defeat the all-powerful Mighty Demon King. Great responsibilities like these come with being a hero, after all.
===Thydor - From once a great hero to now a mere old man, Thydor must pass on his legacy to his son, Kaidor. Despite his frail appearance, Thydor still never fails to create an imposing influence on the new hero. In fact, Thydor might be as strong or maybe even stronger than before, seeing as how Kaidor wears out easily from training with him...

- Improved Storyline
- Combat Training
- Impressive Cutscenes
- Emphasis on Status Effects
- Higher floors require higher levels.
- Incredible Spells

Known Issues:
None so far. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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I'm a dog pirate
Approved on the basis that you've honed your skills since the first entry. Keep getting better! The mapping is a step in the right direction, though the exterior grass is a little spacey still.
I'm curious, but there isn't a Download button yet!

Sacred Mana
Looks interesting. Hope a download link goes up soon!
Hey, guys! I uploaded the download link now! I'm so sorry it wasn't up yet before! I thought I had already added a download link to it in the past, but I guess I was wrong, heh. I hope you enjoy my game. :) Any positive or constructive feedback givenwould be fully appreciated.
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