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Sacred Reviews: Sword of Light II


"Sword of Light II" is the second installment in the three part Sword of Light series that was developed by Gamer91112. This particular entry was apparently developed using RPG Maker VX and feels like a step down from the original in my opinion since it contains a lot of the same flaws that the original had. And while I was willing to overlook them to a certain extent when talking about that game. The sequel really should have put a bigger emphasis on balancing out the game's combat, but I suppose I should cover the story before I talk about gameplay.


In this game you play as the son of the hero from the last game who needs to claim the sword of light II in order to save the world from a new demon lord. Though I was rushing through the game's tutorial so hard I either missed the main character and his dad talking about the demon lord or it was simply assumed that the player would know evil is afoot if the character is going on a journey to claim a legendary sword of power.

Though who forged the sword and stuck at the top of a tower filled with monsters is never explained. And why it's called the sword of light II instead of a name based on a synonym of the word light isn't particularly clear either. And if the developer thought that was a bad idea they could have called it something like moonlight or something. And why it's called a sword when it's apparently a polearm is also never explained.

And why a grown man breaks down crying and starts running away from home when he learns his dying father has passed away while he was fighting for his life to take down the demon lord in order to save the world isn't really that clear either. My best educated guess is that they were close and being unable to say goodbye or share in the glory of evil once more being defeated was simply too much emotional weight for one man to bear. On the other hand, the hero from the last game makes it abundantly clear that they are probably going to drop dead soon. So the son coming home and learning that his father passed away while he was climbing the tower really should haven't come as a surprise.

And considering how little time this game has to establish why we should care about this relationship. It's hard for me to feel anything for the hero losing his old man.


The game features turn-based battles where both the player and the enemies are glass cannons in a lot of cases. In fact, once you learn the skill 'Gifts from Above' which boosts all of your stats. You'll need to cast it outside of battle to ensure you'll have enough defense to make your enemies manageable. To make matters worse you can't reset the timer on those stat buffs until they've worn off. This is a problem since if your buffs wear off in the middle of a tough battle the enemy might just snipe your butt while your defenses are down.

Another annoying aspect of this game is that you can summon an attacker fairly early on using the skill 'Spirit of Judgment'. The problem with this ally is that it attacks an enemy at random. This can make the battle with the slimes truly awful since it can result in there being five mini slimes on the battlefield at the same time with each one being able to deal 150 to 200 damage to the player while their buffed. So if you lose your stat buffs at that point in the fight your going to die.

And this random nature means your attempts to pick off the first boss's minions can go rather poorly since the spirit might snipe the enemy you were aiming for first which results in your attack being used on the boss instead. But considering the high damage output some units possess you'll want to snipe the boss's summons first in order to make the damage you'll be taking a lot more manageable.

Another thing that annoys me about the combat is that the final boss can inflict a status effect that brings the player's health down to one every other turn. And while this status can be removed using the skill 'Remove All'. The final boss is an annoying cry baby that will reapply the status to your character at certain points during the fight. So getting rid of that status condition at certain points is effectively impossible. As such the player will be forced to regularly use the full healing skill 'Heaven's Miracle' every other turn during the final boss battle at certain points and have to attack on turns they have enough hit points to get away with it.

On a more positive note the final boss battle does require the player to use their skills in response to the boss's actions in various ways like responding to the boss turning himself invisible by casting an area of effect skill. So the battle isn't all bad, but that death curse is highly annoying. Especially when the boss won't let you remove it.

And finally the description for the item known as 'remedial herb' is slightly wrong. While the herb does restore 50% of the player's health and 25% of their MP. It doesn't boost the player's total hit points by 50 points when used. And those additional hit points would have been really nice to have during the battle with the final boss. Oh well, the boss is still manageable even with the player's inability to boost their hit points, but the boosts would have made certain parts of the fight a little easier since you might be able to take a pair of hits in order to get your buffs set back up. Instead the player is reliant on the boss's stat buffs running out by stalling for time or waiting for one of the boss's strikes to miss to get a chance to setup their own buffs.


The game appears to rely entirely on the RTP for RPG Maker VX, but the mapping is improved in comparison to the last game. And that's about all I have to say about it since there's only so many times I can say this I can say a game lacks a unique visual identity before it gets old.


A decent portion of the soundtrack definitely comes from the RTP, but I'm pretty sure a couple of songs are ripped from elsewhere. Thoguh, I'm not exactly sure on where they come from since the game doesn't have any end credits. Instead the game has the wizard you meet upon entering the monster filled tower holding the sword of light II tell you about a secret room you can enter before going into the tower if you use a certain password. So I'm kind of at loss to figure out where some of the tracks come from. Since it's not like I can type in some of the lyrics into google and hope I get a positive hit.


On the plus side the battles in this one don't overstay their welcome, but the game's balance is just as wonky in my opinion. And while the final boss has some interesting phases to it. It's also highly annoying since some of the phases require the player to routinely cast a powerful healing spell on the main character in order to stay alive. So while this game is definitely better than the final entry in the series. It still feels inferior to the first since it doesn't really improve upon that game's mistakes in a meaningful way in my opinion.