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Pocket Quest! is half way between a traditional JRPG and board games such as Snakes and Ladders. What normally happens in a role-playing game then, is revisited to fit the mechanical properties of a game with boards, squares and dices to throw.

The beginning of the story is simple: the young and carefree warrior Nono, in her typical heroes wanderings, comes across an edict in which unimaginable rewards are promised to those who will rescue the kidnapped prince of the kingdom! With hopes and thirst for riches, Nono decides to embark on this mission facing a long trip with Uzu, a giant snail met on the way. But the journey is not without risks, as well as the naturals pitfalls of the places to cross, Nono and Uzu will have to contend with the emissaries of the mastermind behind the kidnapping, ready to put a spoke in the wheel by any means.

Nono's journey is summed up in 4 looping circular boards, each 64 squares long.

The purpose of Nono in each board is simple: accumulate enough experience levels to gain access to the clash with the Boss of that area and defeat him. Various types of squares are scattered along the route, each representing an aspect of the classic role-playing games:

-The INN, where Nono can rest and save the game;

-The classic SHOP, where refueling of objects and equipment;

-TRAPS that damage Hitpoints;

-MONEY, always handy during the adventure;

-MONSTER squares represent the "casual encounters" with the monsters in that area against which it will be necessary to fight to level up;

-MEETING square allows you to have a chat with local people, which could also assign Nono missions in exchange for rewards more or less generous;

-HOT SPRINGS are there to rejuvenate the body and spirit;

-The BOSS square, where the battle with the guardian of that level awaits (when Nono will be ready);

There are other squares that hide various mini-games, a source of amusement and money in Pocket Quest!

During her trip, however, Nono will be periodically interrupted by Lily, the little demon emissary. She'll curse our heroine with a magic roulette, casting on her every type of malus, such as not being able to see the squares or the closure of shops.

Custom Battle System
Custom Menu
Custom Message System
Custom everything XD
An entire game made by Pictures

This is more or less everything, but there is more than meets the eyes in the history of Nono ;)

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After an exactly 2 years long wait, you can play Pocket Quest! in English!

I cannot thank enough the translation team for its hard work and for making this possible.

Play it, enjoy it, spread it!

If you find bugs or text errors, please report to me.

Thank you for the waiting u_u

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    Irili (Proofreader)
    flapbat (Proofreader)
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 12/07/2012 11:04 PM
  • 11/17/2020 08:23 PM
  • 12/08/2014
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Hey there, this looks pretty nifty. Are you considering an English translation of it at any point?
Yes, I've considered an english translation.
The good news is that this kind of game has less dialogues than an average RPG, the bad news is that I've used only picture to show them.
Some thousands of baloon picture...

2 alternatives:
-redo every single picture in english and make a patch that overwrites existing italian pictures;
-include "subtitles", a little easier solution, but this would works only for dialogues and not for weapons and object descriptions or menu voices.

I'm really worried about, but a translations must be done someway.
Even though I don't speak a word of Italian, this does look extremely interesting and very unique. Subscribed for the hope that, some how, an English translation surfaces :) Good luck on the game!
I hope this has an English translation someday. You said these are all pictures? If you had the original pictures saved somewhere, I could try editing them if you would like to see how difficult a full translation would be. I'm a typesetter and I have often had to work with taking things out of pictures and replacing them.
I really appreciate your offer.
I have all of them, one day I made a video on How I make Baloons, just to show how stressing for me is the dialogs part...

Each row is 8 pixel distant from the others and I must compact the letters cause "i"s, "l"s, etc go to far.
A nightmare XD
Probably I'll change the font in the translation...

For now the goal is the end of the game, when finished the translation will start for sure. Step by step. In a way or another.

Wow. I feel your pain. The past two years, I've made a lot of ads for football programs. It's hard to fit a whole lot of information in small spaces especially if you only have 1/8 of an 11x8 1/2 (inches) page paper to work with.

Out of curiosity, what program are you using to edit the pictures and text with?
For pixel art I most use Graphics Gale (the program in the video).
It support layers, grids, transparency, 24bit color depth, has a good convertion to 256 colors and it's very user friendly and pixel oriented.

(the pain... ;_;)
Oh, this look great~ ...I think I had seen screens of this project before but I never bothered to go out of my way looking for it, so I'm glad is finally here on RMN. I'll go check it out right now. Thank god Italian is a lot like Spanish. xD
Really cool... i swear it looks kinda like an arcade game i played once....
Looks great though!
I like to use Paint.net as a decent photoshop alternative.

Anyways, if you would like assistance when and if you decide to translate this game into English, send me a pm. I'd love to help.
I'd very like to try this, but Italian... Honestly, language barrier is a very, very scary thing :( It will be another case if the game is Japanese (I'm used to foolishly play untranslated Japanese games :P). Can you write some small guides that at least, help us to the basics, like status' name and menus?

Ah, I love GraphicsGale. Pixel oriented, and supports frames, makes managing a spriteset easier :). You do a wonderful job with the artworks.
@alterego: close enough!

@MarkusT: there are a lot of japanese quiz games like capcom world and many others that basically have boards and squares and look similar, I took the idea from them too.

@Irili: Thanks a lot, I really take you in consideration for the future.

@supremewarrior: thanks!

@wltr3565: GraphicsGale <3. I know what you mean. I have several NTSC/J games for my consoles and I've played them with only a little knowledge about katakana XD.
It's sort of ... exotic XD
Italian it's not so exotic...

I can translate the tutorial for common rules, otherwise in the game there aren't so much dialogues (at least compared to average rpg game), but if missed you lost something for sure.
Looks cool, mate. As others have said already, you should translate this into English for RMN.
Your mom is a hero
I would appreciate an english translation as well - this game looks super cool, and italian looks nothing like french :(

Anywho, I *think* there was a tool available that could extract all of the text out of a RM2k3 game into a text file, where you could translate it all in one place, and reimport into the project. That could simplify things (if it works, and if you can find that tool)
@Jude: I will. But first I must complete the game. I'm at the final boss confrontation, then there will be the final cut scenes, the credits roll, balancing, betatesting, etc. A lot of work to be done.


@Kentona: Thanks, I know that software. Unfortunately I don't use standard rpgmaker "Show Message" command. Every text in my game, except for the save/load screen, is a picture. So...

Uh, this seems good. Hi, Test!
/acting like I haven't already played it
First of all, I've got to say I'm quite happy to see a game made by a fellow italian member :P

As soon as I can find some more free time, I'll definately try this. As for the translation issue, I totally understand your pain: some years ago I was part of the Ultima 7 italian translation project and I had to translate the spellbook - 40-50 images with text fragments much shorter than yours, still it took me almost forever due to the fact that most translated spells were much longer in italian than the original ones. So, yeah, unless you can risk losing your mind pretty quickly, I'd definately go for subtitles.
A fellow italian! I'll wait for your comments.

Eh, I've copyed the "text" pictures in a TO-TRANSLATE folder... 2790 pictures. By the end of the game they'll be 3000+ for sure.

30 pictures/day and I'll do this in 100 days XD (;_;)

The actual problem in a translation is the different lenght of sentences when you have limited space. A concept that needs 1 word of 7 characters in italian, may need a whole sentence that doesn't fit in a row of a baloon. But I'm confident in the contrary, some sentences in italian can be done in a bunch of characters.

Then there are the adaptment problems, like wordgames and parody of foreign languages.

How do you mimic a german speech in english? In italian I can add K, -en at the end of the words, etc.

King Vegas, for example, speak half italian half english... "Cosa abbiamo here? A young signorina! welcome!"
And he's not the only one, Stan speach... strange. Gloria like a nazi...

Anyway I'll try both the solutions and I'll choose one. For the baloon-translate version I've decided that the font will be changed in another pixel font less undomable than the rpgmaker standard one and maybe a little less width.

I re-do the question about MEDIA/IMAGES here, cause I've got no response so far:

I have a question, maybe a silly one.

I want to upload illustrations and wallpaper I made related to my project.
In the gameprofile there are IMAGE and MEDIA sections.
In Media one can upload by SUBMIT MEDIA youtube videos, mp3s and images.

I think Images is designed to collect actual screenshot of the game, but I've seen many other gameprofiles with fanart, picture, illustrations, etc in the Images sections.
It's a good section because one can see a thumbnail of the picture and not a single text title as in the media section.

So... where exactly goes illustrations? In media they also need approval and some of my art are sexy oriented (not porn or hentai).
Thanks for answer.