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This is fun!

Pocket Quest is a break from the usual overhead view rpg so many other games fall victim to. In fact, looking at the board game layout, and cute picture-based battles, it's a refreshing break. I haven't got my laptop with me, so I can't show screenshots, but well, the screenshots given already sum it up. It's a very cute game with good custom art that basically turns the quest into a board game.

So now that I'm done gushing over the art, let's talk about the gameplay. It's technically correct, there were no noticeable flaws from my playthrough of the game. Balance is good, tending slightly toward enemies. Death does not mean a game over (usually), but rather you are dropped back to start in the board, where you rest at the inn to recover (for a price, which rises each board, so it's important to budget money in case you die). If you run out of money and die, this is a gameover.

There are a few basic tile types: Inn (one per board), Shop (one per board), Boss (one per board, so far, anyway; btw, if you lose a boss fight it is a gameover, so make sure you've saved first), Monster, and Trap. There's others too, like a levelup tile, and a gambling tile. There are random variations on this concept too, like Speed Battles and trade monsters that sell things like rare jellies (which you will probably never afford, unless you grind on the same level for hours). In addition to the dice and board style, there is a demon who throughout your travel spins a roulette. I haven't hit all the options yet, but it seems to be Random Teleport (which drops you anywhere, including trapped or monster tiles), Bad Dice (roll 1 each time), Darkness (you can't see the board), Hot Tiles (deals damage each step), Closed Shop, and Lightning (strikes the demon, you really want this one, but it's hard to get). Whenever the last effect wears off, the demon shows up again to give you another effect.

My only gripe was that the game is apparently hard-graphics text in Italian, meaning I didn't fully understand the best item to buy, because I didn't understand the text. That said, it was playable enough for even an illiterate person to have some sense of what's going on, and fun enough that I played for hours, which very seldom do to any Rpgmaker games (the only ones I've been this into were Love and War, Forever's End, and Sunset at Imdahl I think it was called).


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I really thank you for this review. It makes my day XD
I hope that the final version with all the addons will be even more enjoyable.

And with a good english translation even fully undestandable by more people.
Yeaaaaaaa. English translation would be good, though I know about hard-graphic language from Tales of Phantasia.

Don't rush, though, remember Mr. Rogers. Take your time and do it right. :)
I've started collecting dialogues, descriptions and everything else in txt files in order to have a well organized archive for the future translation.

Anyway for now, the goal is to finish the game, refine it, betatest it and then work on the translation.
I hope in some help, for errors check/quality check and other things I don't know, like to render a dialogue in german accent... or more strange ones. °_° (I've just find this... XD http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Type-and-Talk-With-a-German-Accent/ )
Btw, is the fact that your game is near the top of the list a sign of update (as in, have you made a newer version than the one I've got)? I'm not sure how the system works, since I'm from rpgrevolution for awhile.
I haven't released another versione yet. Next release will be the complete game.
It's near the top cause I've submitted my game here recently (and join RMN recently too) and I update the progression everytime there's something significant.
Now for example I've finished to work on the boss first phase adding some feature to the BS to make it more epic and interesting XD.
My only gripe was that the game is apparently hard-graphics text in Portuguese

NB: The game is in Italian.
I know I'm nitpicking, but this sort of error happens all the time... it becomes kind of annoying after a while XD
Cavolo, avevo frainteso la frase XD

yes it's in Italian.
Ah, darn, I knew I messed something up.

It's in a Romance language that is neither French nor Spanish, which I sort of, but not quite, understand. Blanked out and put Portuguese.
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