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Years after the events of "Wraith", a young girl named Lily, has a chance encounter with someone familiar. Following that, she soon finds herself stranded in a strange place with nary a soul in sight. As she struggles to gain her bearings, a voice echoes inside her head. It is the World Tree, telling her to seek out her memories from long ago...

This is the second chapter in the storyline of Wraith. Please play Wraith first before attempting this game. The total length of Sainth is about 1-2 hours.

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TvTropes Page

Heys, Argh's put together a TvTropes section for Wraith and Sainth. Thanks buddy! Check it out: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/Wraith

Edit: Thanks to MountainEyes as well for the description :)
  • Completed
  • Neok
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 04/11/2008 08:28 PM
  • 04/10/2023 01:40 PM
  • 12/27/2010
  • 147156
  • 32
  • 2885


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Looks like a very good side-scroller. I hope more of your games turn out like this.
Wraith was a cool game and I actually feel that it had a lot more depth then your other projects. I think your other projects just got more attention :D.

Anyways, this game looks great so far and I trust your skillz will satisfy my hunger, good luck!
Yeah, I definitely put more thought and effort into fine-tuning Wraith than I did Alter AILA. But I guess adventure games just don't compare to good ol' RPGs. Course the flip side is that I didn't have to worry so much about balancing numbers :).
Ok - I desperatly want to try the game out - but can't seem to get the download to work!!
Download works for me. You click the download link, then, on that page, click the download button, wait a minute (if an ad shows up, just wait for it to finish loading the ad and then click 'skip this ad'), then click on 'download'
I'm lost... I got five memories (I have NO idea how I got sent to the cold-room from 'that spot'), but can't find the next one...
What do I do with the pond, and where can I find the key to the door at the shrine?

Talk to all the sainths in the Icy Tower. One mentions that he saw something within the pool west of the World Tree. After that, go and check the pool. Another sainth in the Icy tower will mention something about a valuable shrine item being buried with him, and that you can go and check his grave for it (at the top of the bell tower)
You...have cancelled Wraiths?

So...no more Wraiths Neok?

Oh well, I can see this happening I guess...the series ended off pretty good in the second game, and I really thought after seeing the good ending, there was no need for a third. Also...in some regards no need for a second. This was probably for more fan service then anything. Oh well...hopefully one day we shall see this series come back. ^^
...Aw. Noticed this and wanted to give it a try after I finish Wraith, but the download link has Anti-Climbing Paint.
Edit- Oops, sorry for the double post.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Good to see this game back. :)
I had no problem downloading this, playing now.

*this is pretty slick. I didn't play the first game and I'm too far in now so if I did the ending would be kinda spoiled. I found a pretty wild bug that allowed me to "fly" around some maps. I'll be sending some notes when I finish this tomorrow, unless I get stuck.
Funny fact : I never found out how to get the bad ending even when I was trying. :[

Heck, yes, I'm playing this!
Unfortunately, it's not as good :(. It was mostly just to test out how feasible it was to make a side-scroller style game in RPG Maker, so it's more for the atmosphere and story (which takes a really solemn serious turn).

Still, at least you don't have to worry about the wraith popping out from nowhere and taking a week or two off your life :P.
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