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Something new and refreshing

The sequel to Neok's game "Wraith."

Wraith: The Second Chapter ~Sainth~ follows the story of Lily Collins whose life has changed after the disappearance of her friend Kana Alywin from the prequel and once again meeting her after 3 years.

Later on the game, Lily finds out that her friend has become a "true wraith," an evil entity that is known in the prequel and finding that the only way to save her friend is to become a "true sainth" which is the opposite of a wraith.

Storywise, Sainth is really good. Some facts got me lost but it wasn't all that bad at all.

Graphics-wise, Sainth offers custom made sprites well done by Neok and some nice sidescroller maps from various games and sources that are neatly designed.

The gameplay however, takes a hybrid of a sidescroller and a "Visual Novel" Lily seems to be searching for pieces of a sainth that contains memories of what happened before and her last encounter with Kana.

But I was kinda expecting that it's as action-packed like Wraith and seeing Lily fight off wraiths and such, I was slightly disappointed but it wasn't so bad.

All in all, the game was enjoyable, I have to admit, I didn't know what to do and didn't notice the vines hanging around so I got stuck. I didn't notice the riddles in the sky tower and somehow missed the abyss piece that got me a bad end, I cried, a lot, and the Good Ending was really worth it although I feel that Kana and Lily's relationship slightly went mushy in Sainth.

I recommend playing it if you have the patience to read and/or used to read Visual Novels.