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You are the Hero.
You must save the world.
There is only one way.
Will you do it?

A rushed project, composed of two maps only (!), made mainly to prove a point:
We learn more from a basic but completed project than from an ambitious but canceled one.

This game was made in roughtly a week (around 20 hours), in the same situation a beginner would be in: RTP only, trial version of an unknown game engine, no script or external ressources. It was made as fast as I could, keeping the bare minimum everywhere I could do.

The result is quite ugly, incredibly small and terribly limited to RPG standards. Even the website is a lonely html page generated through CeltX. No artwork, no drawing. Only what was available immediatly.

Despite, or should I say because of, these limitations, I learned a lot. Well, to be fair, I already knew most of them before, since I'm working on several amateur game titles for a few years now.
But still, in a newbie perspective, this kind of project sure helps a lot to grasp all the work and necessities you have to go through and think of. Like always offering both an installer and a zip version of your game. Or keep your gameplay ideas to a few and exploit them to their fullest.

But what about the game itself? Is it good?
Well, at least, I tried to make it interesting...
It's up to you to decide what to think about it.

Good game.
Or not.

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Pages: 1
That is pretty cool. Gratz on the article.
Criticizing more, making less...
Ouatte ze feuque?!?

If someone have told me I could be featured in a RPS article, I wouldn't have believed him (and probably trolled him plenty). That explains why my download counter jumped to 200 in a night.

That's nice, but I feel quite spoilt.
There are lots of other projects, far for more interesting and worthy of that kind of honor, than a small rushed project like this one.

At least, it will bring more audience to RMN. :)
For some reason, my attack went to 1, the god killer skill doesn't work anymore, and I think it's keeping me from advancing in the game.
Criticizing more, making less...
For some reason, my attack went to 1, the god killer skill doesn't work anymore, and I think it's keeping me from advancing in the game.

I find your lack of force... disturbing... :vader

I can't see where or when I could have set a change in player stats...
I even calibrated the battles so you could kill both NPC with common attacks. But, of course, with ATK set on 1...
Did you unequip your sword?..

Worst case scenario, you could still begin a new game again, with a different order in cycles.
Or use the walkthrough (in game directory or click on the pictures on this very page) to find the only way to save this world.
Believe me. Either way, you won't loose that much. :p
Well, I can't kill the old guy, so I guess I'm stuck, because my attack won't go back up (I've tried). I could restart, but... it could happen again?
Your only hope would be to complete all the winning cycles ASAP so that you don't need high attack for the rest of the cycles.
Just played your game a few seconds ago. OH MY GOD! so touching....AHHHHH! Briliant! I love you, man, for making this game. DAMN, it's so.... *at loss of words* (soooooo are you making another game anytime soon?:3)
What is this, RTP Makoto Mobius?

I shall oblige.
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