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Richard and Derek are friends that live in the same peaceful village. However, chaos ensues after an Evil Lord and his super hacker subordinate Edwards unveil their plan to transform the entire world into one cliche RPG. Bonds are formed, sacrifices are made, and genders are changed as the heroes fight against the GENERALS OF DARKNESS COUNCIL OF EVIL to stop the Evil Lord's diabolical plans!

As the player, guide Richard and his allies to victory, and save all the innocent people that have been cursed to live bland, uneventful lives!

-Custom Battle System (never before seen)
-Imaginative Story Telling
-Crazy Bosses
-Fun Puzzles
-Easter Eggs and Secrets
-Some Interesting Characters..
-And A Little Over 1 Hour of Gameplay

Latest Blog

Updated Version with Typo Fixes

I have uploaded an updated version of Hero Maker with a few typo fixes. Other than that, the game is exactly the same as it was before. Thanks to shayoko for pointing out the typos! Please let me know if you all encounter any other problems!
  • Completed
  • Richard_Co
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure RPG
  • 12/21/2012 09:14 AM
  • 05/01/2023 01:36 PM
  • 12/21/2012
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
amusing game in which i cant finish sadly
theres a annoying color switch puzzle in the castle area that i cant figure out what your supposed to do the clue makes no sense at all so i cant progress

the battle system is interesting in fact its what i had on my mind recently as something someone should do.
shame this didnt get much attention.
sure its simple but it works
worst case its a short game your not losing much by trying it.
Thanks for the kind comments. I've sent you a PM regarding the part you're stuck at. Hope it helps!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts spoilers

a think a part of me died when the mc is against cosplaying : (
the MVs goal is actually awesome!
i feel like scum trying to stop him!

that ending! : O

General thoughts

after finishing the game. especially after the last few i played. this was a refreshing experience.
not having to have countless boring turn based battles.
each battle is unique,entertaining and possible to clear with more then one path.

the cutscenes are extremely well done adding a epic feel to them.
when it comes to the characters i actually am leaning towards the villains for loving them rather then the heros XD
one particularity puzzle aside i loved this game!

highly recommend for being unique,short and cliche(in a special way) :D
That was really fun and funny! The battles are simply genius.
I commend you for using what you can.

Review will be up soon.
Really nice experience!
And I'm looking forward to your next game *wink* *wink* !
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! My next game is still a work in progress, but you'll find it here when it's done.
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