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Ninja Clause
Check it twice

Once upon a time, there were ninjas. Tons of them... Like a cave full of zubats.. and you have no repel because you're a noob. Lucky for you and anyone else who spent all of their money on pokeballs when they were 10, there's only one ninja now, and you play as him. <----Incarnate approves this message.

This story is the kind of stuff you tatoo to your thighs, so you can read it awkwardly to your grand kids and or wear it shamelessly at the swimming hole. That's right... we're talking about ninjas. er... Ninja. See, they had this thing for removing one of their eyes. It's a ritual thing... we don't talk about it much anymore, and yeah... kind of made the cliff jumping thing a bitch. <--- their words, not mine.
people fell, followed by death (in most cases) Some just retired in Florida. Lots of ninjas in Florida.

The Story

The last ninja stands atop a high mountain, the winds causing his bandanna to flutter about. He is conversing with "Bush", his closest and possibly only friend, when a clan scout appears in true ninja swift out-of-nowhere fashion. The scout hands the ninja a report before disappearing in an equally as cool ninja style. But he's not a ninja. There's only one ninja. Don't forget.

Little did the ninja know (mainly due to the fact he could not read) the report contained news about him. Very disturbing news that when he found out... He instantly leaped into action. This "action" would soon change our ninja, and the entire world along with him.... Okay so not the whole world... maybe not even our ninja, but you get a chance to jump across gaps and solve puzzles so who needs plot. Kids are so greedy these days.
Our ninja, must go on a dangerous quest, deep into the north. He must find santa, and eliminate him... or just steal the naughty list and take his name off it... that sounds far less dramatic. :D

Happy Holidays from Incarnate and Galv, and the makers of Alter Legend and Pirate Rush.

We bring to you something fun on the holiday season, we hope to have it done and to you guys soon! Stay tuned!

The Game

Ninja Clause isn't your typical RPGMaker rpg. It's more an adventure puzzler.
Some game mechanics include: jumping, falling down levels, pushing, pulling, climbing, ninja skills and also the ability to use items on things to solve puzzles (similar to point-and-click adventure games).
Pressing the "A" key brings up your items and tools for you to select and attempt to use it on whatever is in front of you.

Some other features include:
- A unique evented combat system.
- Many hidden Collectables for those who want to get 100% complete, view artwork or listen to hidden music.
- Puzzles and whatnot.

The Demo

You'll notice that some things in the demo are incomplete, such as the completed % for the two areas available. I've also done some tests on an old dodgy PC and unfortunately it does lag a little on it. Galv is still learning scripting an will be looking into how to improve that for those old beasts.

Known bugs in the demo
- The scene where Sensei gives you a rose can be triggered more than once
- An issue with the spike trap timing gets out of sync to where it should be

Latest Blog

And then there was a Demo.

Quick hello to RMN, Incarnate here, wishing you all the best as Galv and I release our new demo for Ninja Clause. Ninja Clause to us so far has been a unique opportunity to push the rpg maker in a strange direction, to be specific, up and down. While most RPG maker games including ones made by ourselves, feel rather grounded, we hope this game changes that with a whole lot of jumping and falling. You will hopefully enjoy a subtle plat former feel, mixed in with some Galv flavor puzzles, and last but not least, I think the main focus of this game, was to smother you with galv and I's unique sense of humor. Ninja Clause does not take itself seriously at all, we break the 4th wall so much they need to stop repairing it, and honestly, If you don't smile once, I'm convinced you have no soul. Hopefully this demo brings you a light hearted chuckle, let us know what you think.

Sincerely Incarnate


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Fun times be had by all. I'll keep an eye out for this~
We were hoping to have this one done as a christmas gift, but we started it waaay too late, we only just started it this month.
There's only one ninja!

This makes me smile.
Demo is now out, We would love to see what people think so far!
Well, I just noticed the demo was missing a face file. FYI those who got the demo already, talking to the monk at the bridge will crash the game.
I've updated the download now.
Well, I just noticed the demo was missing a face file. FYI those who got the demo already, talking to the monk at the bridge will crash the game.
I've updated the download now.

The game's also missing an animation. Heal 1, I think.
Definitely a huge help watching someone else play it - thanks for this, CC :)
Sorry for those missing files and thanks for finding those bugs (I think I should be paying you for that? haha)

I agree that the controls are a little strange. I'm not sure which keys would be better to use. The "D" key also swivels on the spot and Incarnate told me nobody would remember that haha.
Definitely up for ideas which keys people would find better.

I'm re-uploading the file with some bug fixes you found and missing files of course
It was definitely awesome of you to try this out for us bud. I swear if there is a bug you find it, and thats really really good. you found a couple of things we definitely did not intend to exist. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!
We are aware of a couple of bugs in the demo, but not lots.
If you have a moment, could you please let us the bugs you are experiencing?
Thanks for trying the game.
Your games always surprise me :)

Thanks bud :) Have you tried this one out yet?
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