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The Story

The episode takes place on Dinosaur Land from Super Mario World. Bowser and the Koopalings have kidnapped princess Peach and trapped her in Valley of Bowser. The Koopalings have stolen the Yoshi eggs yet again and they've rebuilt their castles around Dinosaur Land. It's up to the Mario Brothers to save the eggs and the princess. The road to the secret entrance to Valley of Bowser is full of dangers, such as fortresses and their bosses, Reznor, Magikoopa and Big Boo, who you will have to fight.

Worlds and bosses:

W1 - Yoshi's Island (Larry Koopa)
W2 - Donut Plains (Morton Koopa Jr.)
W3 - Vanilla Dome Underground (Wendy O. Koopa)
W4 - Vanilla Dome Overworld + Twin Bridges + Cookie Mountain (Iggy Koopa)
W5 - Forest of Illusion (Roy Koopa)
W6 - Chocolate Island (Lemmy Koopa)
W7 - Ice Cream Island (Ludwig von Koopa)
W8 - Valley of Bowser (Bowser Koopa)
W9 - Special Zone (???)
Warp Zone (rooms with Yoshis that are unlockable with stars)

Important notes
  • I included save2.sav and save3.sav to the download. Save2 has the game completed until Ice Cream Island. Save3 is a complete save file. This is because all old save files are likely to be corrupted as the world map has changed drastically from beta 5.
    I'm not posting a patch this time, as there are many changes from beta 5 and the patch wouldn't be very much smaller than the full download afterall. However, if game breaking bugs are found from the final release, I will be posting bug fix patches.
    If you have a 32-bit computer, you should better remove the player graphics (luigi-1-7, luigi-1-7m, mario-1-7, mario-1-7m) from the episode folder to prevent crashes.

Super Mario World sound pack
If you want to have even a stronger SMW feeling, I recommend to you my SMW sound pack! It has most sound effects and fanfares changed to SMW ones. This version has the volume lowered down to the volume of the original SMBX sound effects, and I added a few sound effects replacing Super Metroid sound effects.

Latest Blog

Episode complete + changelog

Hooray, we did it! It's finally finished!


I can't possibly remember all the things I did after the release of beta 5, but here's something.
  • 18 new levels.
    Added BGOs to caves, water levels, castles and cloud areas.
    Updated map.
    New features: steep slopes, Monty Moles jumping out of the ground, go-through slopes, Sumo Bros. and many more!
    Fixed bugs.


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Nice levels so far.
Keep up the good work.
Nice levels so far.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks! :D
We're doing our best to make as good levels as possible.
Beta 5.0 is now available, woot!
Comments and constructive criticism is obviously welcome :3
Sweet, downloading now!

EDIT: Seems solid so far. I only played a few levels though.
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