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Episode complete + changelog

Hooray, we did it! It's finally finished!


I can't possibly remember all the things I did after the release of beta 5, but here's something.
  • 18 new levels.
    Added BGOs to caves, water levels, castles and cloud areas.
    Updated map.
    New features: steep slopes, Monty Moles jumping out of the ground, go-through slopes, Sumo Bros. and many more!
    Fixed bugs.

Progress Report

Beta 5 is now available + changelog

Beta 5 is now available!
If you already have beta 4, download the new content version (only 1.6mb).

• The sixth world, Chocolate Island is now available!
• 8 new levels
• Some fixes/changes have been made in several levels
• New graphics added to the global graphic folder
• New gimmicks, such as the parachute enemies and snake blocks

Progress Report

Beta 4 is now available + changelog!

Beta 4, which has 5 worlds is now available!

• Added world 5 (8 new levels).
• Fixed bugs, several changes made for certain levels.
• Added more scenery to certain levels.
• Moved tons of graphics from the main folder to the folders of the levels that actually use them, so every level won't need to load all the graphics every time.
• Added new Small Mario and Luigi playable graphics, made by Joe. Valtteri had to fix them a bit, though.
• Added the rest of Yoshis to Warp Zone. A new door is locked every time you collect a star. A pipe to world 9 has also been added. We are still unsure what the levels in this world should be like.
• Slight graphical changes done for several levels.
• Made Fortress 2 (originally Kamek's Magical Fortress) into a water castle (now Kamek's Watery Fortress).
• Added SMW styled LoZ2 lock gates to Soda Lake.
• Added clouds on the world map.

Enjoy the fourth beta!
- Valtteri & Neutralization

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