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A little game I'm working on, inspired by classic snes rpgs like Final Fantasy 6. I'm even using a similar color palette and tile placement to get that nostalgic feel. I don't intend to emulate the game; I just want to create something that is obviously inspired by it. These screenshots are a WIP. I plan to have it take place during a kind of 1920's prohibition time period, combined with high fantasy elements. We'll see :P

I'd love to know your thoughts guys! I'll share more as I create it.

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My mind is full of fuck.
Looks great, man.
Do you really want to sell something that is "obviously inspired" on an existing game? I mean, I have nothing against the learning experience of you ripping - modifying - recreating? Not just the "color palette" or "tile placement", but the complete everything of the FF6 maps. But if you actually want to go out there and try to sell that... Man, that would be cheap!
My mind is full of fuck.
True, you either should just make this free, then selling out squaresoft/enix chipsets, etc.
Tiles look fantastic, hope you keep working on this one!
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