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Konae Shizu and Idane Nanami are reporters for the Nakae Gazette. They get wind of a story on Togo Road. When they arrived, it looked like a bomb was dropped in the area. Who, or what, what could have caused it, and why? The answers will eventually point them in a very specific direction.

Well, this is it! The finale of the so-called Matsumori series! However, I'm aiming to make this game more stand-alone than the other titles. I might look into having some kind of in-game encyclopedia to help smooth things out on this front.

Personal Background:
This game doesn't really have as much of an involved story behind it's creation as Matsumori Days or Arbiters From Another World, sadly. Actually, to be honest, I'm thinking that making this incarnation of the game will be this game's "involved story"!

Other links of interest:
The first game of the series (it's a prequel to this), Matsumori Days. Also has a game-thread on RPG Maker Web.
The second game of the series (it's a prequel to Matsumori Days), Arbiters From Another World. Also has a game-thread on RPG Maker Web.

Latest Blog

Download updated!

I know this comes a bit late in relation to this event, but, the download has been updated! Thanks again to Malandy for the grammar/spelling fixes! Next up is updating Myriad Cypher which you should totally, absolutely, play!


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Dude, looking good. Sounds pretty good.
Is there any particular reason why you decided to stick with the default RTP graphics ?
The mapping seems like it could use a little more polish. :P
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm not trying to sound sarcastic with this response (Okay, well, maybe I am. A little bit.), but, outside of being readily available, and there's a 99.999% chance that I'm going to use the "Include RTP" checkbox with the game's final incarnation anyway? No, I suppose I do not have a particular reason to utilize the default graphics.

I agree with you about how mapping could be better, though.
Ah... When I said default RTP graphics, I didn't mean the default graphics of the engine. :P I meant the default tilesets, they aren't enough to make a game sets in the modern time. It could work, but just not very well.

I just wanted to elaborate on the last post. :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
No hiatus allowed Marrend.

Quiet, you! Or a refigerator will fall on your head!

More serious response:

I want to take a small break from this for a while. Play some games for a change. A Journey's End is on my list, as is Lindarnia Stories. Also, I'm not getting involved in this event, so it's not like what's left of my creative energies are being spent elsewhere.
Good for you :D Take a break, relax, and come back whenever you feel ready. :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Development for this game has been sporadic, at best. Though, as soon as I decide on the presence, or lack thereof, of the trials in Matsumori High, I should be good for a while. Probably!
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
hmm, do you still need testing?
Guardian of the Description Thread
hmm, do you still need testing?

Yes, please. I know the game's "on haitus", but I've been darting in and out of the project lately. Please PM me your comments, or leave them on the tester's page. If you forgot where to find the tester's page, I can give you the address again.
We has got the links for 'em too

You got a grammar error there, Marrend. :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
I noticed a rather odd thing some days ago. It was possible for players to leave Togo Road after the initial events in the garage, but it was impossible to get back! I've fixed it so that this shouldn't happen anymore.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I opened this in the editor today. Which is more that can be said of this game's development in the past month or so. It took me maybe a minute to be, I dunno, disgusted? Overwhelmed? Whatever it was, I closed the editor.

I'm not really that worried about it, though. I'll get around to this when/if my motivation returns eventually! Many profuse apologies go out to whoever is waiting on this with bated breath if such people exist.
Are you trying to come up with new ideas, or are you too busy to be working on it? :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Lack of motivation seems to be the key factor that is preventing me from working on this. To be honest, that's half the reason why I made Hall of Lost Souls. Obviously, it didn't pan out that way! Perhaps it's too soon to tell?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts

nice title,its simple of course but i like how sprites were used.i just dont see it that often

Female leads YAAAAY : D

Fully shared Xp double YAAAAY! : D

that lock picking is awesome : D

female characters that repeat there own names so kawaii! : D

im going to have faith that this will at some point be continued
it has that potential to be a great game
currently its short VERY short
but :3
from what was in the game it was extremely enjoyable!

i loved the 2 girls personality s,the lock picking,stomping orcs and a girl who says her own name when she talks!
it may not be anytime soon
but i look forward to updates of this regardless
keep up the great work! : D

Edit in your story spoiler top of page
"lose" is wrong :3
3 times :3

Guardian of the Description Thread
The biggest hurdle this game has right now is content. The game, in it's current incarnation, is supposed to be 2/3 done. Which may not be a good thing, as there's a lot of information I'm not telling players, that I want to tell players, and I'm basically cornering myself into an info-dump. Slow-rolling the information sounds like a better plan, and might fit the mystery aspect this is supposed to have. Though, I have no clue how to go about doing all that right now.

Man, if you generally like games with female leads, you should seriously check out these games:

Luxaren Allure
Soul Sunder
A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky
Okiku, Star Apprentice
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
can do it like Perspective
which has items you obtain that act as unlockables
when you go into this special area and read information about the world/characters with crystals :3

that aside thx for the recommendations. ill be sure to check them out :3
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Before I go into talking about this game, I want to take a look back at this post. I apologize for taking over half a year, Marrend, but things have finally come full circle.

This has been an interesting session for me. I enjoy sequels because I like to see how developers have refined their games over time. I started with Matsumori Days. I thought the game was average at best. Then I went on to Arbiters from Another World, and every problem I had before has been cleared away. I thought to myself, "You know, if Konae's Investigation is just like this, I'll be a happy camper." And now here we are: Just finishing Konae's Investigations. So what do I think?

While it may be just a demo, this game has the potential to be the best of the series!

Right then, onto the game-specific talk:

First off, I want to say that I'm pleasantly surprised at the setting. Thinking about the setting of Matusmori Days, I suppose it shouldn't be THAT surprising, but to see events take place in a modern setting was definitely a good idea. This immediately gives the game it's own identity and feel.

To reflect the modern times, the characters don't have any spells! Gasp, that means that Konae and Idane have to have skills that are representative of the times! Unfortunately, that's not quite enough, as both skills are essentially just copy/pasted of each other, with Idane's skills having critical properties. However, Tetsu's skills were definitely the most interesting, as they had useful properties. Again, unfortunately, even if he wasn't only in the party for all of two minutes, the game still boils down to, "Spam strongest attack,"

Enough background was given on Konae and Idane to establish their backstories and characters. My biggest complaint would be that the two of them are literally carbon copies of each other. If I hadn't looked in the manual, I'd have said they were twins. They are the exact same, from their personalities to even their appearances. I definitely think that needs fixing.

Also, the story needs a bit more of firm context as to why the pair were at the factory anyway. "A scoop," isn't really good enough. Even something simple like, "We got a tip that someone is doing something really bad here," would be enough.

The character's skills need to be diversified more. You're on the right track, more than any game of yours I've played so far. Try giving Konae a skill that hits all enemies, or Idane a skill that buffs the party. If these two are good partners, their skills should reflect that.

Seeing the returning characters was a treat. I can't wait to see what they do.

Overall, this has made me pretty excited for the final thing. I really want to see what happens next.

Am I reading this description right? This is supposed to be the FINALE of the series? Oh man, now I'll be REALLY mad if you don't complete this game.

EDIT: A few things I did forget to mention:

I don't want to say the mapping was bad, per se, but it certainly wasn't good. I think the worst offender is the level design of the 2nd area. Why can you just walk in, turn right, and fight the boss of the area? ESPECIALLY since I have to fight the basic enemies in order to level up to beat the boss? That's bad design, there's no two ways about it.

Another thing I liked was something I forgot to mention in Uchioniko: The prebattle quotes were a very welcome touch. It adds just enough character moments that I really appreciate.
Guardian of the Description Thread
The lack of spells was certainly a departure! However, as you say, the abilities for the main protagonists are not all that different from each other. The suggestion to make the pair compliment each other with their skill-sets intrigue me. Yeah, Idane is totally the up-front heavy-hitting bruiser while Konae disables enemies with her pistol. Also, maybe, because of the professions of our main protagonists, some kind of Scan-like effect? Something that can be done on a button press while in combat as opposed to being used from the menu. I'm sure there's a script for something like that somewhere!

This observation that Konae's and Idane's personalities feel similar is a bit bothersome. I wanted Idane to be on the energetic side, while Konae is a more serious person. Idane may have came off to me as too energetic, and I toned her down. Maybe I toned her down too much, though?

Also, yeaaaaah, my planning of the second "dungeon" was more than terribad. I need to put a lock on that stupid door, one that Konae cannot pick, and put the key behind another door that Konae can pick! Or... something! Geeze, how lazy can a person get?
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