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Recent developments, and a request

  • Marrend
  • 11/29/2015 08:17 PM
It's been a while since I've used this encyclopedia script. However, I've a few screenshots for you. The first...

...is that of an regular entry. As you can see, the title of the entry is at the top (and left), followed by what game the entry references. In the case of Characters and Locations, it is which game him/her/it first appeared. I may yet play around with having multiple references to see how that looks. Anyway, The next screen...

...is an entry in the bestiary. Note I have not messed with this section at all. From the cursory observance I've had with it, the Number Defeated stat never increments, so, I'm kinda interested in removing that. As for displaying elemental weaknesses and/or strengths, well, we'll see. One thing at a time!

Obviously, these screens were pulled from a test-play, and entries are going to be hidden at the offset. To this end, there will be a message telling players when Konae's Journal gets updated. I'll also need to re-do events so that information is discovered at appropriate points (not to mention cutting down on some of the black-screen expositions).

Now comes the request part. I'm going to guesstimate that it will take about a week to make alterations. However, I would still like to have these systems, and the game in general, tested. The test-build would be independent of the RTP (or should be!), and would be sent via PM to any who express interest. Feedback swaps (ie: I test your gam, you test mine) are not necessary, but, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
So, I was fooling around a bit with Tsukihime's resource-checker, trying to see if I couldn't find a way to include the sound effects attributable to animations, and came up with...

def parse_animations
  anims = load_data_file("Animations")
  anims.each {|anim|
    next unless anim
    add_resource(:Animations, anim.animation1_name)
    add_resource(:Animations, anim.animation2_name)
    #My additon
    anim.timings.each {|i|
      next unless i
      add_resource(:SE, i.se.name)

...this. While this game doesn't use all of it's animations, the comparison between my previous list and the list generated with this addition is promising! Next thing to try to do is add battlebacks used in-game. For reference purposes, the battlebacks that the resource-checker picks up on comes from the Troop tab in regards to test-battles, and never reads map data. I'm guessing it's somehow part of the map data, but, further research is necessary.

def parse_map(map_id)
  map = load_data_file(sprintf("Map%03d", map_id))
  add_resource(:Parallaxes, map.parallax_name)
  add_resource(:BGM, map.bgm.name)
  add_resource(:BGS, map.bgs.name)
  # My addition
  if map.specify_battleback == true
    add_resource(:Battlebacks1, map.battleback1_name)
    add_resource(:Battlebacks2, map.battleback2_name)

Awwwwwwww yeeeeaaaaaaaah!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I have the initial journal entries ready...

...and will be doing bouts of testing on my own at some point. Of course, external testers would still be appreciated!

*Edit: I've also taken a look at skill descriptions and effects. Disarm should be a bit clearer in what it does, and Demotivate now reduces the target's WILL for three turns.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm gonna pass out for a bit.
Guardian of the Description Thread
My initial testing has uncovered a small spattering of fixes in regards to the journal. Also, I messed with the ending(s). One I'm still working on, or otherwise thinking about! However, the game should still be ready to test by the end of the week! So, uh, any takers on that?
Guardian of the Description Thread
Okay, the reports are back! I've a number of things to look into, but, nothing absolutely game-breaking!

*Edit: It is my hope to re-upload sometime tomorrow. Though, even with that...

...there is yet one more thing I must do for this game.
Hmm... Given the Bestiary Screenshot... You removed some enemies... I wonder what they were?

Of course, you might have forgotten...
Guardian of the Description Thread
It's more like, all creatures are in the bestiary by default, but, it was determined that there were critters whose data players would not be able to access because <CIRCUMSTANCES>. So, I decided to allow those entries to be skipped over by the bestiary through a note-tag.

... And Journal is still spelt "Jounral" in the Item's screen...
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