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Prepping for event feedback

  • Marrend
  • 05/03/2013 06:41 PM
To be blunt, the only thing I have that's even remotely close to being playable for Release Something Weekend is the most recent version of this game I handed over to my testers. I'm not sure what to call it, since the state of that version is fairly complete, as far as my ideas at the time were concerned. But, since I'm doing a re-start, would one call it a demo? An alpha build, of sorts? This point is rather confusing to me, as one can see.

Anyway, I'm not really sure how much feedback I'll get for this release. However, should you wish to leave commentary, I would prefer it if you leave your commentary in this blog, rather than on the main page!


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Hm... well I'd call it an Alpha since it's an early version/unfinished version.
Yes, call it an Alpha build and release it. The more people play it, the more feedback you can get. ;)
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