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I first called my project Lufia Black because it's gonna be a darker tale. For a long time after that, the title of the game was Lufia Rebirth. Now after losing almost 3 years worth of data and progress, things have changed. The important things are the Engine of the game and the story itself. The sprites and tilesets will be customized. I'll try to keep everything within the scope of Lufia ROS and FOD. I plan to include as many things as possible.
Oh! By the way, don't expect this game to measure up to the others, it might not be so much to look at :/

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Basic layout

1. The story takes place about 1100 years after ROS.
2. They are 7 races in this game
3. The World Map is as big as FOD map
4. The World Below the Ocean is almost as big as the World map
5. There's 6 Forests
6. There's 11 Towers
7. There's 9 Kingdoms

The parties are traditional like classic RPGs
For Example:
Kiren - Hero: Well balanced character
Lufaye - Magician: Magical user
Soren - Duelist: Heavy hitter, higher ATP and DEF.

During the game you'll encounter other members: (With their own classes)
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I would be willing to help you out if you need a team.

Thanks I'd appreciate it.
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