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AMON: Sinistral of Chaos. Comrade of Gades. Like Gades, he too has grown
tired of their defeat by Maxim's descendants. Amon has also grown in power. Over the centuries, Amon has secretly been experimenting. By doing so, he's created daemons that closely resemble humans. In the past, Amon has previously made an army for Daos, but he's secretly created a small private cabal loyal only to him. Much like Gades, his ultimate allegiance is to himself.

Over the years, Amon has assembled certain lieutenants that acts upon his will and projects his influence and they have been rewarded....

Amon has plotted with Others to bring about Daos' destruction in order to get him out of his way. But Now, does Amon have the power to turn against those he conspired with?.....


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He doesn't look anything like Amon from The Legend of Korra.....
No, not the legend of Korra Amon, The Lufia Amon. That series is great by the way:) i can't wait until season 2.
The green hair suits him. I expect him to unleash devastating status effects on my party. I'm so giddy!
I always liked his green hair. You'll hate fighting him.....
Will you have to try multiple times in order to beat him? I like it when boss battles depend on all out strategies.
Oh yeah, It will take a strategy to beat Gades too.
Great:) I believe that every sinistral should have a particular strategy that you need to learn to defeat them. Gades is brute strength, Amon is status effects, Erim is magic, and Daos is all powerful. I look forward to seeing how you program them.
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