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Raltz Forest
  • Kiren
  • Added: 01/30/2013 12:57 AM
  • Last updated: 07/14/2024 12:42 AM


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This looks interesting:) How far in the story are you?
I'm still in the begining, trying to figure out how big Raltz forest should be. It is the first one after all.
I wanted to ask about the water. Because there's that ROS color in this pic, and yet I had darker blue water which is in my Beisume pics. I wanted to know what you guys think. Which one should I stick with?
I would definitely stick with the water i this picture. The color matches the style and the Beisume water is too bright for the Lufia II chipsets. The water you have here is perfect for the darker tone of color represented, so I would highly recommend sticking with thix.
Hmm maybe your right, but it will definitely depend on what continent your on. Honestly, this isn't the first time I've heard that answer
That does sound interesting. After all, some bodies of water are cleaner than others. How many continents do you plan on having? I wanted to have 7 to match the earth, but most lufia games have 4 continents or something like that.
Uhh, some continents are bigger than others so far there's 8 but that's me counting the one's that aren't connected by the shrines.
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