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Alex Mattson's Let's Play!

People still care about this game, right?

Alex Mattson liked Yoshi's Archipelago so much that he took my recommendation to check this out, too. He just started his LP series!

Super RMN World Playlist


mechamind90's Let's Play

Hey AGAIN! Apparently, a certain mechamind90 LP'd this entire game over the last month. You should probably check that out, too!

They're currently LPing RMN All-Stars as well. It seems our humble little series is finding more attention. :3


SnackJackSJ's Let's Play

It seems TangledLion and jackalotrun have some competition in the LP department! SnackJackSJ has begun an LP of this game! You may remember him from his LP of Super RMN All-Stars.

I'll keep this blog updated as more videos are posted.


Саша Баздырев's LP

Hey, guys! We randomly got a Russian Let's Play of this game! The player doesn't commentate, but they tear through the first two worlds in their videos. They haven't received much attention, so I thought I'd share them here.


RMN World Wiki!

Hey, remember that wiki we used to keep track of feedback during the development of this game? Well, it's not just dead internet space anymore! I revamped it into a proper wiki for the game!

Super RMN World Wiki

In its current state, it's more or less complete. It could use a proofreading and some connecting links in places, but it's just about done otherwise. At least, for what I wanted to add to it.

The main and navigation pages are protected, but the level pages are free to edit for the public. If there's anything you want to add them, you're welcome to, but I'll be notified of any edits that are made. Trivia sections can be added to the bottom of any level's page, and I would love for others to do so.

This wiki is also a hints and secrets guide of sorts for the game. Each level page details any noteworthy secrets it has to offer. These secrets are shown with portrait screenshots made by me, so if there are any other secrets you want to include, please let me know and I'll make the image you need.

I hope you all enjoy it. It took a long time to put together. @_@

~ hali


Level Changes

Super RMN World is finally here! But the game's many developers are sure to notice some changes here and there. It's true, not a single level got into the project without a few alterations from me (halibabica).

Most of the changes I made were for the sake of the game as a whole; things like consistency of design in the most basic regards. Many of these adjustments are hardly even noticeable, but there are still others that are more distinct.

One of the most obvious is the inclusion of Kelly. She's a recurring NPC in the game who we used to help tie things together thematically. She makes appearances in several levels. Please don't take her presence as an affront.

Other prominent changes are a mixed bag. I only adjusted things if I felt strongly enough that they needed to be, and I always had a reason for what I did. If you see a change that upsets you, I'm sorry for that. If you like, feel free to ask why. I'm prepared to explain myself, and who knows? Maybe it'll even get changed back.

All in all, everyone did a fantastic job! This is an RMN Bros. game we can all be proud of!
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