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0-0 World Gallery by halibabica
0-1 SMBX for Dummies by halibabica

Gallery 1: Renaissance

1-1 Green Grass Galavant by Ratty524
1-2 Garden of Delights by Isrieri
1-3 Shroom Lake by Deckiller
1-4 The Port of Adia by Davenport

1-5 Pipe Platformer by DarklordKeinor
1-6 Mondrian Grid by nin8halos
1-7 The Hop by seiromem
1-8 Moleville Mines by halibabica

1-B The Nightmare Universe by pyrodoom

Gallery 2: Venetian

2-1 Glazed Donut Road by Isrieri
2-2 The Scream by nin8halos
2-3 Cloudy Climb by wildwes
2-4 Egg Factory by halibabica

2-5 Simplicity by DarklordKeinor
2-6 Shy Guys' Toy Box by seiromem
2-7 Faron Woods by Davenport
2-8 Water Temple by Deckiller & Isrieri

2-B Mario's Dream Land by Ratty524

Gallery 3: Mannerism

3-1 Gabon Plains by Isrieri
3-2 Mr. Burns by halibabica
3-3 Opposite Day by Ratty524
3-4 Shy Guy Desert Raid by DarklordKeinor

3-5 Mega Mole Mountain by seiromem
3-6 24 Carrot Gold by kentona
3-7 Forest Temple by Deckiller
3-8 Mushroom Supernova by nin8halos

3-B1 Forest of Cold Silence by masterofmayhem
3-B2 Cloudsdale Sanctuary by pyrodoom

Gallery 4: Baroque

4-1 Bridge Over the Horizon by masterofmayhem
4-2 Mushroom Heights by wildwes
4-3 Ghoulish Ghastly Ghosts by Ratty524
4-4 Flight of the Phanto Koopa by halibabica

4-5 Arid Acropolis by seiromem
4-6 Grave Mistake by DarklordKeinor
4-7 Riveting River Rafting by Isrieri
4-8 Persistence of Memory by nin8halos

4-B Backin' Up by kentona

Gallery 5: Neoclassical

5-1 Starry Night Over the Rhone by nin8halos
5-2 Aquatic Ascent by jackalotrun
5-3 Mr. Freeze by halibabica
5-4 The Sinister Side by apa649

5-5 Sunny Summertime Swim by Ratty524
5-6 Fire Temple by Deckiller
5-7 Grim Grotto by DarklordKeinor
5-8 Castle of the Dead by Isrieri

5-B1 Cursed Funklen by seiromem
5-B2 Cowabunga! by kentona

Gallery 6: Romanticism

6-1 Pipe Path by lonestarluigi
6-2 Chocolate Canyon by Davenport
6-3 Spirit Temple by Deckiller
6-4 Koopa Rave by halibabica

6-5 Chaos Woods by Jparker1984
6-6 Oil Oasis by pyrodoom
6-7 Jail Breakers by Ratty524
6-8 Guernica by nin8halos

6-B1 Path to Darkness by DarklordKeinor
6-B2 Bublar Temple by seiromem

Gallery 7: Realism

7-1 Mysterious Flying Gentleman Lakitu by DarklordKeinor
7-2 Starlight City by Solitayre
7-3 Fleetfeet Falls by Blitzen
7-4 Castle Crushers by kentona

7-5 Gusty Indeed! by Isrieri
7-6 Guardians of the Secret by nin8halos
7-7 Chemical Romance by masterofmayhem
7-8 Dis Respect by halibabica

7-B1 Glass Cannon by Ratty524
7-B2 Industrial Failure by seiromem

Gallery 8: Impressionism

8-1 Feel the Heat by apa649
8-2 Black Bando's Brigand Bastion by seiromem
8-3 Molten Magma by Davenport
8-4 Funky Frantic Fortress by Ratty524

8-5 Shadow Temple by Deckiller & Isrieri
8-6 Bullet Factory by Desmo360
8-7 Baneful Brimstone by masterofmayhem
8-8 Final Destination by DarklordKeinor

8-B Mario Core by halibabica


9-X Our Gracious Host by The Five Judges